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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...Senseless Desecration...


Geoff's angel...isn't she exquisite?
Photo credit - Geoff Albert

Geoff owns several beautiful vacation rental suites in Savannah.
He and his partner have completely restored a lovely old historic Savannah home...The Waldburg...located at 1002 Drayton Street, overlooking my favorite park, Forsyth Park.
The Waldburg is a perfect location for a group or a wedding party, because it has 3 separate suites with an upper floor residence, a main floor residence and a delightful carriage house that opens onto East Waldburg Street and is a short walk to the park.

The crowning touch to this elegant restoration is a lovely marble angel standing in the front yard of the property, arms outstretched as if welcoming you into her home. Geoff found this delightful creature in an antique shop and promptly paid the owner of the shop for her, brought her to The Waldburg and nestled her into the landscaping in the front yard. You can see her guarding the property in the bottom left corner of this photo of The Waldburg...


Last week, in the early morning hours, someone took advantage of the night sky and crept into the front yard at The Waldburg. For some unfathomable reason, this moron smashed the angel from her base, leaving her lying face down in the mulch of cedar chips. To add to the destruction, the idiot wrenched the angel's hands from her arms, leaving nothing more than a small pile of marble chips and a broken angel with no hands lying on the ground.


I was speechless when Geoff called that afternoon to tell me what had happened to his angel. I could hear the emotion in his voice as he shared with me the details that he'd been given by the renters in one of the Waldburg suites. What was there to say to him, except an inept and heartfelt "I'm truly sorry."

What causes someone to think that this is a great idea?
How can this person look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, knowing that those delicate marble hands are lying on the floor in the front foyer of their home or in the back seat of their car?
Just stupid.




"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another."
~ Luciano de Crescenzo

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Nancy L:

Stupid people do stupid things, I know, but I still cannot understand such senseless desecration - all too common in today's world, and it makes me very sad.


Yep, I agree.
What the hell makes someone do this and think it's ok to do it, in the first place?
Weird people with weird minds.

This is so sad, Brenda. Such a pretty angel to be destroyed like that,it is a shame.

Hi, Candi..
I agree!
What complete moron would be walking along the side walk on Drayton late at night, with too much something or other in his system, then stop dead in the street, slap his forehead and exclaim to his buds, "THERE! There's a great idea...let's sneak into the private property and destroy that exquisite sculpture! Smartest idea I've had in ages, don't you agree???"



Having seen Geoff's lovely home and delicate statue in person, this sickens me to the core. How can anyone be so evil? There are too many of these senseless acts of violence. My heart goes out to Geoff and JeanMarie. My deepest sympathies to them both. I don't suppose they would offer a reward for info leading to the arrest of the bastards who did this????

Love ya!

I totally agree...Geoff has already tal;ked with the police and there's a rather casual attitude there, so he doesn't expect much.

I say bring back the stocks!
Find the critter that did this, and place that person in the stocks for a week, right in front of the house where they thought it was so cool to desecrate this angel.

This is heartbreaking. I just don't understand how anyone can do something like this. She was so beautiful.

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