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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...Simply Stunning Weather...


Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia...why do I love this park so much?
Look at the cast shadows on the lawn, from this massive tree dripping with Spanish Moss.
Is that not a beautiful sight?

Forsyth Park is a 20 acre tract of prime real estate in the heart of the historic district of Savannah.
How many city councils would set aside that kind of valuable land for a park?
Savannah did.
Lots of places don't.

There is always something extraordinary going on in this park.
Today, besides the water of the fountain running Irish green for St. Patrick's Day, there was a chess game in play. Not an ordinary game, with ordinary sized chess pieces.
Nope, in Forsyth Park, like most everything else that takes place there, the chess board and game pieces are larger than life!


The players were not your ordinary Savannahians, either.
In Forsyth Park, like everywhere else in Savannah, they were just a degree from center...
First, they looked the board over thoroughly, rationalizing in their minds what the next move against their worthy opponent would be...


Then, having thought out their strategy, they had a quicksilver of a second's worth of whispering over their next move!


Having made their decision, this is what their carefully strategized move was...


That brilliant move left their worthy opponent bedazzled, bewildered and slightly bemused...


I continued along the walkway of Forsyth Park toward my home, and I couldn't help remembering the scene in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil where an elderly butler is seen walking in the park with his dead employer's empty dog leash. The dog had evidently also passed into the great beyond some time ago.

Here's the set-up...
The elderly butler walks proudly along the path leading past the fountain, with the empty leash in his hand. John Berend, played by John Cusack, asks Kevin Spacey's Jim Williams why the man is walking an empty leash.
His explanation makes perfect Savannahian sense...
"When his employer passed, he left a request in his will that his butler should walk Patrick every day, and be paid $10 a day for doing so. He just wants to make sure he gets his $10!" replied Williams.

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What are you doing lazybones? Love the pictures. So jealous you're still there and Im not!

Hi, there...just sitting around today...getting some prepacking done, sadly.
I really miss you and everyone and the big ol' house was so e-m-p-t-y after y'all left.

Those dogs really do look like they are figuring out their strategy...too cute!


so, Brenda, two great trips in two years - making a more permanent plan yet?

The wrinkled guy was looking particularly crabby! I laughed out loud at his face and his personality. Too cute!

I would love to live here!
But a girl's gotta make a living and that can be done where I live now.

Still, you must know that the thought has crossed my mind several times and I'm always open for changes.

Who knows? Someone might offer me a job here...then I'd have to seriously think about it wouldn't I?

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