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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...Soaking Wet Today...


Mercer Williams House in Savannah, Georgia

My flight from Edmonton to Chicago was excellent.
Only 3 people and a darling baby in business class!
DEFINITION: Darling baby - doesn't cry, doesn't poop his pants and doesn't throw up...ever.
I had 3 seats all to myself, a glorious treat.
Thank you, Aeroplan. Travel miles are really fabulous.

After getting my poor wee leg about 50% better with those wonderful acupuncture treatments that I had done before I left on this trip, I think I wrecked the good that was done by taking on a lot of last minute things to do before I left. I'm hoping that a few days of R & R in Savannah will get me up and moving again.

At the check-in counter...
I quietly asked the United Airlines agent for transportation to the boarding gate. That means it is wheelchair time, boys and girls! Although it felt a little like cheating, 'cause I'm not that little old lady that I usually see in the wheelchair transportation mode in airports, I couldn't have walked 20 steps on my own.
So, a decision had to be made.
I decided to ask for help.

Back to the wheelchair...
I like to look for the people whose paths that I cross when a new opportunity crops up, and this time, there were plenty of perfect opportunities. My UA assistant in Edmonton was wonderful to me! She whizzed me right to the security line for flight crews, and other than having to stand down for a gorgeous pilot and his crew, I went right through the whole darned thing in about 5 minutes.

No standing in line, no sweating in the crush of passengers waiting for our collective turns at the security counter! No not this time. I was in and through with no hassle, no extra-diligent searches and no moody security agents! No, sir, they were absolutely wonderful to me. Maybe there's a trade-off for my being wheelchair-dependent. I give up a little independence...well, ok, a lot of independence...and I get back a lot of kindness and gentle handling.

From check-in to boarding, I was wheeled everywhere I went, with the exception of a short and hobbly side trip to Starbuck's for a steamed soy with one pump of chai and two huge macadamia nut and white chocolate chip chunk cookies.

Boarding was a slice.
First on and first off, with kindnesses galore from the flight attendants. From stashing my carry-on to getting me an extra glass of wine, they were stellar. We had a long conversation of the value of experienced flight attendants and flight crews in the face of Capt. Sully Sullenberger's Miracle on the Hudson. I learned how disrespectful some passengers are with the flight attendants and how frustrating it is for them to go through the entire preflight safety check with the seat belt and oxygen mask demo, when no one is looking or listening to anything they say. That might have something to do with the lack of seat cushion flotation devices that the passengers in the Hudson River emergency took with them when they deplaned. How many? I read in an article that there were none!

I paid attention to how that seat cushion gets ripped off the seat in an emergency. I learned how to wrap my arms around it and slide my hands through the straps on the side of the cushion away from my body to allow me to float in water. Hmmmm, perhaps listening to the demo on each flight might be a good idea!

Now, in the business class lounge in Chicago's O'Hare Airport...
I'm stuffed to the brim with fresh veggies and dip, a few cups of Earl Grey and a mac and white chocolate Starbuck's cookie. Time to check out the book store and walk to my boarding gate. Savannah, next stop!

I've been talking with a woman who travels to China on business every month...better not complain about jet lag again! She's swocky with the stuff, and admits she is a walking disaster for a few days after she returns home.


The flight to Savannah was quick and efficiently done, snack boxes were served, a cup of tea brought and we're ready for landing. My driver met me in the luggage area and kindly looked after my luggage. We chatted about the weather...raining and cold for this area. I asked him if he'd lived in Savannah all of his life and he told me he had.

By the time we arrived at my apartment, we'd covered some interesting topics of conversation. He had also called his boss to find out which cab service I should call for my grocery run to stock my kitchen for the next few days. A kind man and a good trip from the airport.

Inside my home away from home, now...this suite is gorgeous. I would happily live here forever.
After hobbling from room to room to remind myself of how blessed I am to be staying here, unpacking became my next priority, with 'jammies and bed following immediately after the last hanger of clothes has been hung in the closet.

A final check of my e-mails, a glass of water for the nightstand and it's off to dreamland for me.
I hope.
There's a thunderstorm crashing and flashing outside.
That will keep me waking and sleeping by turn.
The bed is luxuriously comfortable, the last few pages of my book send me to sleep...

“Remember what Bilbo used to say: 'It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.
You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.'” ~ J. R. R. Tolkien


The street in front of my home...

Comments (11)

Barb Cabot:

Love hearing from you about the journey. I'm glad you were treated so kindly and helped with the wheelchair...whatever works. It sounded like smooth sailing. Get better, pamper yourself and have fun. Yippee, you're in Savannah. How I envy all of you.

Have a wonderful time in Savannah!

Brenda, so glad you're settled in and ready for a wonderful visit. Enjoy your trip and the GTG.

chiaro di luna:

Hi Brenda,
Nice to see that you arrived safely to lovely Savannah.
Hope to hear that your leg is doing better soon.
Have a wonderful time like you did last year.
Keep us updated when you get a chance.
Love those photos.

Woo-Hoo, Savannah. Have fun Brenda.

Hi, Barb,
Thanks for reading!
I've been thinking about our GTG last year, when I was privileged to meet you and all of the other ST'ers that I'd not met before. That was such a wonderful time!

Cindy Ruth,
Thanks so much!
It's such a beautiful city, the azaleas are just beginning to open...they must have known I was coming!

Thanks, we will enjoy every second of this trip and the GTG.
Someday, we are going to be at the same place at the same time, I hope!
I remember how much help you gave me when I was freaking out, making my first trip to Italy...you told me to check out the iris garden in Florence, among other great tips and advice.

chiaro di luna...
Thanks for posting! Savannah may be cold and wet today, but it is still the most beautiful place! I am so happy to be here and as I said to Barb, I'm remembering last year and all of the wonderful memories from that week...nice!

Yep, woo-hoo is right!
Lovely city, great food and a beautiful place to be right now!

Very late in catching up with everyone's blogs this week. Glad you arrived with no problems. I am now off to read the rest of your posts :)

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