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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...Luxury Living Savannah and via Martina...


The flowering vine outside of my front door is blooming again, exactly like it was the last time I was here!
Today, sunshine was the order of the day from the moment I opened my eyes. Although the air was still a little chilly, the sun shining turned a rather cold day into a glorious time to be outside.

Karen and I met Tammy Jo Long for lunch at the Savannah Tea Room today. Finally, I had the pleasure of meeting the creative genius behind the spectacular home restorations that this brilliant woman has undertaken. There are a number of historic homes in this city that have come under the spell of Tammy Jo's work and now that they are completed, travelers like myself can rent all or part of any one of these beauties.
I'll be writing a separate article on my blog about Tammy Jo's homes and the endless hours of work she has put into restoring them, all the while keeping carefully within the stringent guidelines for historical restoration set out by the City of Savannah. Luxury Living Savannah is the culmination of Tammy Jo's work for the last number of years...if you want to live in the lap of luxury while staying in Savannah, these beautiful homes and apartments are the place to stay!

The Wedding Cake Mansion on Monterey Square in Savannah

Then, Kendall and I wandered along the streets of the downtown area of Savannah, window-shopping and looking at the stunning home decor in a few of the shops along the way. This sun was shining brillantly and the weather had warmed considerably, making it a really pleasant afternoon.


On the way home, I noticed that the fountain in Forsyth Park was sparkling and bubbling over, weaving the magic that this fountain does when it spills over and bursts with shining globules of water falling over the edge and onto the pool below.

After a quiet afternoon rest, catching up on emails and taking care of a few clients via the beauty of the internet, Karen picked me up and we went to check out the various commercial locations that she is looking at in Savannah. She and Vincenzo are opening a beautiful Italian piadineria, via Martina, in Savannah and a local realtor gave her an orientation of the downtown commercial area today. Soon, Vincenzo will arrive on Friday and they will begin a new adventure in their lives...opening an authentic Italian eatery that will serve traditional foods from Emilia Romagna...piadinas!

If you click on the link to their Savannahian piadineria, you can read about the process of selecting the fresh-pressed olive oils that we will have the pleasure of tasting on Saturday night at a traditional Italian olive oil and wine tasting hosted by Vincenzo and Karen. Can you imagine that we are going to be savoring oil and wine that has just been hand delivered from Italy to Savannah by these two brave entrepreneurs?
I can hardly wait!

Rules For Living In Savannah
81. If you were born in Savannah, say you're "from" here. If you
moved to Savannah, say you "live" here.

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Barb Cabot:

Just eating up every word you write. Thank you Brenda.

You are very welcome, Barb!
I always feel blessed when you stop by to leave a comment or a thought...thank you so much!

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