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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...The Azaleas in Forsyth Park...Encore...


Most people are drawn to the brilliant rose and the delicate pink of the azalea family, but I really adore the white blossoms as much as the pink and rose. There is so much shading and subtle colouring in the white of the flowers.

This little darling seems to have had a pink gene in the family tree that has all of a sudden shown itself this year! I imagine the conversation going something like this, if the flowers could talk to each other....
"Surprise!" says the mommy azalea. "We seem to have a bit of colour in this one!"
The daddy azalea, saying nothing, looks shocked!


Here is a perfect blossom, white as snow and dotted in the throat of the flower with slightly muted ivory tones that have a touch of yellow...


Check out the bee entering the picture on the right lower corner...energy in motion! Try taking a photo of a bee when he's busy gathering pollen for his queen!


Take a nostalgic a look back with me at some of my favorite pink azaleas from this spring in Savannah...





Azalea: Definition (n.) A genus of showy flowering shrubs, mostly natives of China or of North America; also called false honeysuckle. The genus is scarcely distinct from Rhododendron.

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Hi, Candi!
Thanks, I love them as much as any flower...something ethereal about the white ones...fragile, delicate.

The azeleas look stunning - just what you needed to help banish that Canadian winter!

You are so right! It was the perfect antidote for the heaps and heaps of s-n-o-w we have here this winter!
Thanks for posting!

I think I like the white ones even better than the pink ones.

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