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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...The South's Heatin' Up Today...


The temps are rising, the sun is shining!
Savannah's heating up, and it feels good.

Guess where we went for lunch today?
That's right, Savannah Tea Room!
Mindy and her mom, Darlene, plus Karen, Kendall and me...with everyone recuperating from the rigors of March travel in the south and the unexpected storm that closed Atlanta to all departing flights, I think we coped pretty well, in spite of our various stages of jet lag, sleep deprivation and limping, gimping sore muscles.

We met at the tea room around noon-ish, ordered a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate our various arrivals through the thick and thin of winter travel, and we toasted ourselves and each other for being the fearless and courageous travelers that we are proving to be!

After lunch, we went separate ways...some went shopping for more rings and jewelry, like Mindy and Darlene. Another walked along the streets of Savannah with a very welcome to-go cup of Bailey's and a little coffee for sustenance, like Kendall. Still others drove home past the lovely and fated Williams Mercer House overlooking the lush Monterey Square, like Karen and I did.


A late dinner at our apartment gave us a chance to visit and catch up on each others' lives. After enjoying heaping plates of fresh bread and creamy brie, we dug into a delicious meal of salad and chicken and many sweets afterwards for the inevitable dessert. Bailey's with a touch of coffee helped the digestion along and Mindy was finally talked into modeling her beautiful fan!


Geoff called to say, "Hi!", and we made arrangements for the Caddy tour for Mindy and Darlene, Rose and Lou for Thursday. I want to see his newly-restored historic home overlooking Forsyth Park...there's never a wrong time to look at gorgeous real estate for me, and this guy knows how to create the very best of beautiful restorations! You can check out his newest creations on the website for their new venture, Savannah Dream Homes.

It's late, the candles have been snuffed out and the stars are bright in the Savannahian night sky.
Time for sleep...tomorrow's another lovely day in this city of the south.

Rules For Living In Savannah
17. You may own one image of Mercer House, but you must hide it when locals visit.

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chiaro di luna:

I'm off to buy some carrot cake and tea(maybe champagne) for tomorrow since I can't join you at the tea house.
Looks like you are making the best of it, taking it easy with your ankle, but still getting out with the others.
Love the photos. It brings back the great memories I have of Savannah.
Thanks for posting so faithfully.


What an action-packed day you had in Savannah today!

Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on the happenings there. We need to live vicariously, you know!


Sounds like everyone is having a great time!


Tea sounds (and looks) so civilized - your pictures are letting me go down memory lane, and it was a great trip.

Sounds like a wonderful day with two great meals! Love the photo of Mindy and the fan.

That's a wonderful way to share a cup of tea with me! Buying carrot cake and slicing it thickly, serving it with a cup of tea...mmmmm!

I thought of you when I walked past the Christmas Shop on Bull Street with the window display of exquisite children's clothing. Last year your granddaughter was not born yet, and this year you can hold her in your arms...that's magical!

You are so very welcome!
I'm happy that you are reading and sorry that you are not here...we miss you, lots!!!

I think they are having a fantastic time...everyone is hanging out and talking up a storm, so it seems like a really good group of Slowtravelers are here in the sexy city of Savannah!

Tea is a wonderful way to combine good conversation with a laugh or two!
We've enjoyed every minute of this trip. Well, I have, for sure, and I feel like others are also loving this time in Savannah.
Wish you were here with us!

Mindy's the woman, for sure! I love her fan and she also knows how to put it to good use! We had a good laugh about it!!!

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