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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...Thunder 'n Lightning, Bejaysus!


One of the wrought iron fences that runs through Forsyth Park in the heart of Savannah's Historic District...

The wind is savaging the trees and the budding azaleas today.
What I thought was the sound of heavy rain outside was actually the wind, ripping through the city, leaving some very tattered green spaces in it's wake.

After a restless sleep, interrupted by continuous thunder and lightning, I am having a very sleepy and tired-feeling day in this city of passion. While eating breakfast, I answered quite a few phone calls from friends who are on their way to Savannah to meet for our get-together this week. The blizzard in and around Atlanta has toyed with everyone's travel plans, with flights being canceled and the highways too icy to travel. Flights are being rerouted or canceled altogether, so everyone is wondering when and how they will arrive in Savannah.

Kendall made it through today! Her flight was canceled and then the weather gods smiled down on her and she found herself being shunted to another flight that finally departed Atlanta, after sitting on the tarmac for two hours while the ground crew were kept busy with de-icing the plane and keeping the snow from building up on the wings.

Karen is still in Atlanta, as the highways are not safe for travel. She'll try it again tomorrow, and hopefully get through. It;s been a long and exhausting trip for her and her beloved Ciola...Milan to Atlanta is a heck of a flight, and I totally understand how drained she is.

Mindy can't get out of Boston, the flights are being cancelled left and right. Her mom has had her flight re-routed from Atlanta to Dallas Fort Worth, and will be traveling on her own, unless magic happens to get Mindy on a corresponding flight to meet her along the way. Karen and Kendall and I will happily keep her mom company when she arrives, so Mindy can relax and not worry about her.

Leslie has called a few times to let me know that they are enjoying snow for the first time in ages. Enjoying might be too strong a word. Perhaps her daughter is enjoying it, while the adults are merely tolerating it!
They aren't leaving until later this week, so hopefully, all will be well by then.

We have a Caddy convertible tour booked for Tuesday...mayhap I should see about delaying that until Thursday, in hopes of warmer weather? I'll call Geoff and see if he has time for us then, rather than freezing ourselves silly on Tuesday.


Geoff's Classic Caddy Tours red convertible...

It is amazing to me that we come together from all corners of this continent to drink a little wine, eat a lot of great food and hang out with good people for a few days. That says a lot about how much we enjoy each other's company, I think. Perhaps, it also says a little about how we enjoy the city of Savannah, as well!

It's late, I'm tired and the down-flled duvet looks incredibly inviting, so I'm tucking myself in for a good night's sleep.
See y'all tomorrow...

"I think that travel comes from some deep urge to see the world, like the urge that brings up a worm in an Irish bog to see the moon when it is full. " ~ Lord Dunsany


Sheep in a shop window in the Historic District of Savannah...

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Barb Cabot:

Brenda, thank you for keeping us informed. I do hope everyone can get there safely. Hope the weather turns pleasant in the days to follow. Be well.


Have a great time, Brenda. Hope that the weather improves!


Glad you got there safely Brenda (and I did appreciate your first post about wheelchairs and airports), and hope your fellow adventurers arrive soon, and dry. Who would have thought this week in March would have brought such madness, tho I do recall a venue change due to weather in April last year - was it almost a year ago? Enjoy, enjoy.

Hi, Barb,
You're very welcome...thank you for reading!
The weather is really cold for this area, I think. I am running the house thermostat at full blast to keep from getting a chill!

Thanks for the good wishes. I hope it gets warmer, for sure! The forecast is in the 70's for Thursday, so that will be welcome!

Yes it WAS almost a year ago, can you believe that?
It is very damp and cold for me, and that's something considering I just left 3 feet of snow and freezing temps! This cold is a damp cold and I swear that feels more bone-chilling to me.

The wheelchair in the airport was a revelation to me! I was so worried about imposing on people by asking for their help, and they were so happy to help me that it was quite a lovely surprise!

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