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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...Wedding Cake House...


Wedding Cake House, Luxury Living Savannah
...take a look at these luscious vacation rental properties in Savannah!

Tammy Jo Long, our wonderful Savannah vacation rental owner, has completed the restoration of a delightful historic house overlooking Monterey Square. It was vacant last week, so she gave me the door code to go and wander through the house and see what she has created.

Karen and I met at the house and let ourselves in through the double front doors.
This restoration takes the cake, pardon the pun!
Tammy Jo, you have outdone yourself with this treasure!

We walked slowly through the rooms and all I could say was, "Wow!"
Over and over again.
I'll let my photos tell the story...

The dining room on the main floor...

The wine fridge in the island in the kitchen...

A breathtaking piece of stained glass over the kitchen sink...

...and the exquisite kitchen sink that sits below the stained glass window...

This cozy, delicious reading corner was a total delight...I wanted more than anything to sit down and read for hours, while sipping a chilled libation form an antique crystal martini glass...

A detail of the reading corner's windows...

No one does window treatments better than Tammy Jo...

A corner of the ceiling crown molding in a stunning bathroom...

Funny, now that you mention it, there was a stunning soaker tub in the master bathroom...

Karen also looked longingly at this beautiful tub while a very friendly Savannahian orb settled cozily on her knee!

Well, now...don't that just beat all? A bathtub that I've not soaked in yet...

This wonderful vanity and sink makes me wish for an extended lease in this house...

I'll close with a few exterior images of the detail on the exterior of the Wedding Cake House...if you are planning a family get-together, wouldn't this be too perfect for you and your loved ones? Invite me, too! I'll be sure to say, "Yes, darlings!"



Rules For Living In Savannah
#105. Stay in a sweet southern historic restoration home, if only once in your life. Drink iced tea or martinis on the verandah...there'd be nothing like it.

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Barb Cabot:

Brenda, wonderful coverage of this historical site. What a beautiful renovation. Photos are just superb! Thank you.

This is such a beautiful house, Brenda.


You take such wonderful photos. What camera do you use?

Hi, Barb!
Thank you so much for your constant enjoyment of my scribblings...I adore these exquisite historic homes and to get up close and personal with this one was such a privilege for us.
Tammy Jo gave me the door codes and said, "Go!" No need for her to say it twice!

Hi, Candi...
You are totally right!
It is amazing. I've been inside all but this one of her restoration homes in Savannah, and although they are all impeccably restored and designed, this one has my heart. I would feel totally like a princess if I were living in this home for a time.

Leslie Erickson:

Did you say we were renting this house for a GTG next year??? :)



Wow is right!

What a gorgeous restoration! I especially liked the window seat. And, of course, YOUR bathtub.

Thank you for the kind compliment...I use a cheap Fuji Finepix, with about 6 - 7 megapixels.
I WANT a Canon Rebel, though...salivatin' and dreamin'.
The photo program I use to clean up the images is IRFANview...a free download that my son sent to me! It really has some neat effects and can clean up even the worst of my photos.

You bet we are, and I want dibs on that bedroom with tht reading niche and the soaker tub!
Or, perhaps the top floor suite instead...
Or, maybe the carriage house...
Too many choices. I didn't get into the main floor, as it was occupied.
So, anytime you're ready to go there, let me know!

Miss Nancy,
Isn't it beautiful?
Totally yummilicious...

Nancy L:

I think there may be a room in the house with my name on it!


You have found the most fabulous in Savannah!

I bet there is!
Next time, ok?

Thanks, Sandi...
I did, didn't I?
I absolutely adore this house, fell in love when I walked across the square to the front door. I must have lived here in another life...

Beautiful house. How lucky to be able to wander through it. Thanks for sharing. Sorry again for being so late in catching up.

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