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A Week in Victoria...It's All About the Shopping...Especially Deruta Ceramiche


Deruta Ceramiche ~ The Tuscan Kitchen
Located at:
653 View Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 0A3
(250) 386-8191

What a lovely surprise!
The server in our morning cappuccino place told me to go to this little Italian ceramics shop, after I admired the enormous and exquisite pieces on display in his coffee bar.

I did.
It was amazing, finding myself surrounded by spectacular ceramics, linens, kitchenware and foods from Italy while standing in a little store in Victoria! This was the cheapest faux-trip to Italy that I could imagine.


Vietri Incanto is one of my favorite collections. I know that most people love the patterned pieces, but I adore this smooth creamy vanilla dinnerware. The candlesticks are so beautiful. The bowls, the plates and cake stand are my favorite pieces.


This shop is beautifully detailed and laid out, with the gorgeous ceramics arrayed on tabletops, on shelves, in the window and on the walls, and then surrounded by complimentary Italian cutlery, linens and foods. It really feels like you've just stepped into someone's home in Florence...or Deruta...for an evening meal.


The people working in the shop are so knowledgeable and very interesting to talk with. We had a great conversation while we browsed. I found out that they will ship their product anywhere within Canada and the U.S., door to door service.

Ceramiche Sberna Majolica, a lovely and intricately-designed pattern is new to the store, as is the stunning collection of Venetian masks, created by Franco, one of the few master mask makers in Venice.

Their website is good for an hour of browsing, while reading and learning about the history of the products they carry and the creation of the exquisite pieces they provide. Take a look, but only if you have a glass of good Italian wine in your hand and some time to become lost inside of their pages! There's even a section of local recipes from many of your favorite areas of Italy.


"Situated in the Umbria region, on a hill overlooking the Tevere river valley, Deruta was probably built upon Roman foundations. It’s name signifies the “ruin” of this strategic site caused by the 6th-century Gothic War.
The excellent quality of the local clay encouraged the production of Deruta pottery in the early Middle Age, but the artistic peak is to be found in the 15th and early 16th century.
The experience of long lasting peace corresponded with the highest splendor in Deruta majolica production and with its commercial expansion.
Favorable geographical and political conditions concentrated in Deruta a wide variety of technical and artistic experiences which combined into masterpieces of unique creative and quality level."
~ That's Arte

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How cool! Did you buy anything? I am headed over to the website now :)

Nope, I didn't buy anything, because I didn't want to have to carry it home. BUT, I'll be ordering a few pieces when I can afford them. I found a darling salt cannister with an open lip at the bottom, so the salt can run out into the lip and you can pinch out what you need. Niiiice!

Wow! what a beautiful store. I can't believe you could resist.

Neither can I!
I'm sure there are many pieces that would have followed me home, if I'd let them!

Barb Cabot:

So beautiful. Such a feast for one's eyes.

It was like a dream, walking into the store, because it felt like was back in Florence...
Next year, next year...


I have a wonderful pitcher from that shop that holds my utensils by the stove!

That's so cool that you've been here!
I love it that I can order ceramics in $$$CAN and have it shipped a few miles to my home, rather than schlepping pieces home from Italy!
Let the shopping begin!!!


Oh what an amazing find, a lovely taste of Deruta in Victoria, BC - I understand about not carrying anything home, tho. Will have to go look and drool, after I lock up the VISA card.

It is an amazing store!
There were so many glorious pieces, dinner sets, trays, serving bowls...with various patterns. Then, cutlery, linens, foods from Italy. I felt like I was walking into someone's home. That's how beautifully it was displayed.
It suits me much better to buy from them than to have to get it shipped from Italy or...God forbid!...schlepp it home on a flight from Florence.

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