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A Week in Victoria...It's All About the Harbour...


The harbour surrounding the downtown area of Victoria is bustling, busy and boat-filled.
Sailboats are everywhere in the marina.
Seems to me that most people prefer sailboats.
I understand that. It is a peaceful, silent and calming experience to be on a sailboat as it slips through the water like a hot knife through butter.


Houseboats show up in a few spots along the harbour wall. I think I'd love to live in a houseboat, but there's the maintenance and upkeep that might eat a pretty hole in a repair and maintenance budget. I'm not sure if I'd love it enough to make it a permanent residence. Still, it's nice to dream about...


A cute little tug provides taxi service for anyone wanting to go from there to here.


Yachts...yes, there are many sleek-looking vessels in the harbour. Some small, some huge and some simply beyond my imagination. Wonder what the knots per gallon would be to run one of these little lovelies?


Oh, yes...there is a speed limit when leaving the harbour.
Not very fast.
Just 5 knots per hour.
And, mind...no backwash.


The open ocean lies right ahead as the boats slips out of the harbour...




“May your joys be as deep as the ocean, your sorrows as light as its foam.”
~ Unknown

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Beautiful water shots! Have fun!

Thanks, Palma!
We had the best time...lots of water, lots of s-p-e-e-d in the boast on the water...and tons of sun!
Whales, also...momma, poppa and a still-pink and black baby orca. How stunning is that?

I love your photos, Brenda. Looks like you had a great time. I love Victoria and would love to go back.

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