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American Idol...Going Home Tonight Is...

This is getting closer than the skin on a banana.
I'm going out on a limb and I'm saying that Matt will go home tonight.
Here we go!

Photo credit - American Idol

A shock that Adam is in the bottom three!
Huge shock for me.
Who forgot to vote?
And, may I say it was not classy for Ryan to ask him to choose which group he felt he belonged with.
Still think Matt's going home tonight, even though Adam's in the bottom three.

Commercial break, Natalie Cole's up next.
They certainly stretch this out, make the agony last fore-v-e-r!
Taylor Hicks performed. He's lost some weight, changed his presentation and sounds really great! I wasn't a fan before and truly was surprised when he won AI.

Jamie Foxx has a new hit.
He 'sang' it.
Must be getting old, 'cause I didn't get it.
At all.
And, yet...I thought he was the best mentor ever!
He taught these contestants more than anyone else, in my opinion.

So, it's down to the wire.
The last few minutes of the show.
"And the person leaving us tonight is....Matt Giraud."

This guy plays a mean piano and sings the blues like no one else. He really has a talent and I think he'll go far. A true gentleman.
Still, a little pitchy tonight.
Maybe nerves, maybe tears catching in his throat because of leaving.

"I thought you were absolutely brilliant!"
~ Simon Cowell on Matt's performance

Photo credit - American Idol

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Sigh, relief it wasn't Adam going home. In the bottom 2? Crazy.
Oh well, they all have talent and will do well in the future.
Saw Constantine on Regis & Kelly re: Broadway Show he stars in. So, they all have options open to them now.
I agree with you re: Jamie Fox song. Not impressed. I really don't care for him.
Thanks for your updates. Check back next Wed.

It was absolutely lunacy! Adam in the bottom three? Some nutbar fans didn't vote, maybe?
You're welcome, Chiaro! See you next week!

Barb Cabot:

You really guessed that one right. This is getting close to nail biting time. Anything is possible. I agree not cool of Ryan to ask Adam to choose sides. I guess I'm getting old as I was cringing at the food fight episode in that lovely home. All I could think of was don't throw that food in another room.

I am with you Brenda, I was sure it would be Matt, not that he is not talented, just not quite at the top. Adam in the bottom 2, WHAT is with that????? I was shocked, if he does not take 1st place, I will be very sad.


Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, great recap! I was completely shocked that Adam landed in the bottom two. I'm thinking that his fans assumed he would breeze on through. I used my votes to keep Alison in the competition and when Adam landed in bottom three I began to regret not putting some of my votes to Adam. Yikes! Thankfully he was saved!

I think the next couple of performances will be really good and I can't wait for the grand finale!

Thanks for the great recap Brenda! Have a great day!


I absolutely hate the part where Ryan the tool asks a contestant to place themselves with the others. Adam is one gracious guy, no matter where he stands, and I would say that I was shocked, but nothing surprises me anymore - while the guy has a huge talent, quirky ol' America does what she wants. I was happy for Allison finally being where I think she belongs.

I also thought the food fight was over the top. If they were 15 or 16...but only one of 'em is and the rest are adults.
Still, can you blame them? Stressed and going down to the wire...I can see a food fight being a great release of stress and anxiety...just as long as it is not in my house!

I agree. Adam is it for me. I was a huge Danny fan in the beginning, but truly I've ad to give that up. Adam has it hands down...he's a born performer, he has the vocals to the nth degree with a range that is breathtaking and he can outsing anyone else on the show, including the mentors!
So, I'm giving it up for Adam as the winner.

Danny, I love him, and he has a great voice. Hope he goes on to a recording contract 'cause I'd buy his CD's in a heartbeat. I'd listen to his music any day.

BUT, who would I rather listen to AND watch? Adam.

I was totally verklempt! Shocked and saddened, because he does not deserve to be there. I think fans got a little complacent and didn't vote at all, because they thought he'd sail through.
BIG mistake, folks! Gotta vote to keep your favorite in the competition!!!

Remember Chris Daughtry? He shoulda won, IMHO.

Too funny...I actually really like Ryan as host, but this was not appropriate, in my opinion. Just tell them where to stand, don't even think about putting them on the spot and making EVERYONE uncomfortable.

I'm going to post about it on his Twitter page, but it will likely be read by his assistant.

I agree, the food fight was silly! But boy, what a talented group this is.

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