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American Idol...Top Five Tonight...My Favorite Genre!


My favorite genre...Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop & Sammy Davis Jr in the front...the original Rat Pack.

Kris sang Just the Way You Look Tonight.
I loved it! Simon didn't, but I thought Kris did a great job and he looked and sounded the part.
Nice compliment from Jamie Foxx, though!
He's all ready to work with Kris after the show is over.
How totally cool is that?

Someone To Watch Over Me, a delicate and elegant classic..
Beautifully crafted by Allison...lovely to see her bring it down to a tender place.
I always knew she could.
That's why I kept crabbing about her wardrobe and her wild appearance.
All she needed was a new look and a good dresser to peel the camouflage away, exposing her gentle heart.
Nice, very nice.

Matt Giraud loves jazz, studied it in college and lives this genre.
My Funny Valentine is a tender piece, and Matt aced it.
I thought that was wonderful!
Randy was not a fan, though.
Kara wasn't fond of it, either.
Paula gave him her kinder, sweeter critique.
Simon...hold your breath...thought he was absolutely brilliant!
And, Jamie Foxx's producers were on their feet, applauding.
Nice work, Matt!

Danny chose Come Rain or Come Shine.
I would buy this guy's records.
Right now, boys and girls.
Didn't you just love this?

Adam closed with Feelin' Good...
What can I say?
Perfection, total perfection.

He has it all...gobs of stage presence, spectacular vocals and he looks like a dream walkin'...
He seems so darned humble and appreciative of the compliments and the standing O's he gets.
The perfect performer with amazing blow-me-out-of-the-water emotion and vocals.
I have not seen this kind of talent and appeal in a performer since Elvis.

"A supposed glitch on iTunes last week revealed that Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are the most downloaded contestants of American Idol's season 8.
More specifically, six songs by Adam crack the top 10 of an Idol-themed chart on iTunes, while three Kris performances appear on the list.
It's a controversial revelation, considering how Idol's producers try to keep sales numbers secret to avoid letting each contestant's popularity be known, but more so because Idol's producers fans were anticipating an Adam-Danny showdown in the finals."

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I saw this tonight and was impressed by all of them.
Adam, is unbelievable, with so much talent. Consistent every week. My fav.
Then I turned to Dancing with the stars and heard Robin Thicke, (is he son of Allen Thicke?)...liked all idols much better.
Anyway, I'd put my money on Adam as final Idol.

I think so, also, Chiaro...but Danny's fantastic, also. Hard to choose!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, great recap! I enjoyed all the performances, but I had my favorites. I loved Danny's performance and also Kris was my second favorite. Adam is still my favorite to be in the finals but I thought that Danny & Kris really stepped it up last night and outshined a bright star in Adam...

I thought Jaime also did an excellent job with mentoring.

And to help keep Alison in the competition (because of Simon's comments that she is in jeopardy), I voted 7 times for her last night!

BTW, that was a great quote about the i-Tunes downloads. So far, I have downloaded 4 songs and videos by Adam and 1 of Kris's performances.! :)

Thanks again for your recap Brenda! Have a great day!

Jamie was the bomb, dude!
He got Danny to open up just by getting in his face. An amazing mentor, better than any of the others, I think, who mostly look uncomfortable to be in that role.
A great night of swinging, and YES, it is a singing competition, as Simon constantly reminds.


While I am a big Adam fan, great talent, it's Danny who has my heart. And while I do like Jamie, still not sure where he and the Rat Pack connect.

I think the Jamie Foxx-Rat Pack connection is a little thin, because of the generational difference. Jamie's current and hip and all that. The Rat Pack was there first, though, so for me, they are the best!

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