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i-Phone by Apple...My Son Will Be Happy, Now...

Photo credit - Apple website

I finally have an i-Phone.
My son's been recommending that I buy Apple.
I talked with several i-Phone owners and after hearing the rave reviews, I bit the bullet.
Calling Rogers to order my i-Phone was the easiest part of the transaction.

The phone didn't arrive in the promised 3 - 5 business days, as Rogers said.
It took over 2 weeks, because the courier company sent it with my mailing address on the bill of lading.
The courier carrier couldn't deliver it to my mailing address and called to tell me so.

I asked them to write my street address on the package, but no, they insisted that I call the original courier company and ask them to call the current courier carrier and make the change that way.
They did and the phone was sent out to my office.

It finally arrived!
Shiny, white and new.
I can turn it on, I have been able to charge the battery with the slick wall plug that doubles as a computer cord and I can slide the screen to the unlocked position.

That's the limit of my discovery for tonight.
I've tried to activate the phone. I cannot.
I've tried to pinpoint my trip tomorrow to Grande Prairie for my acupuncture treatment. I cannot.

So, it's fine with me that I've been able to do the baby steps that I've accomplished so far.
There's always tomorrow night for another online lesson in i-Phone use.
I think I'll call my son and ask him for help.
He'll love walking me through the process!
He's a techie at heart, so it will give him great pleasure to help his techno-dinosaur mom crank up a new i-Phone!

I'll let you know what I learn to do tomorrow.
I would consider making a call a ripping success.

“What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can't re-read a phone call.”
~ Liz Carpenter

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Nancy L:

I'm eagerly following your progress with the iPhone. I've decided to get one but just haven't had the nerve to take the plunge. Good luck! You're making progress....


Congrats Brenda. Great for you, I don't have an i-Phone.

Congratulations! I have an iPod Touch (almost like an iPhone but doesn't have all the bells and whistles). Make sure your son helps you learn about the apps. They are fun and very useful.

Congratulations. I bet you'll love it. My friend had one when we were in Hawaii and it was great. I loved finding the weather and maps.

Get one!
I love mine. I cannot do much, yet, but I'm learning!
Today, I loaded up all of my contacts and their info.
I'm trying to stay away from the Apps store, for now...

I am loving it...a fun thing for me. I'm usually the last one to get on board with something new!

DON'T tell me the Apps store is good! I'm trying to stay out of that luscious place for now...want to get to know how to use the phone before I load up on Apps!!!

Thanks for the encouragement!
I went for the i-Phone because it included 3 things I was salivating over...
I don't think I can download Kindle books yet, but I live in hope!!!

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