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Americal Idol...And the Winner Is....



Adam or Kris?
Kris or Adam?
Idol's been running a Twitter tally all day.
They predict Adam as American Idol 2009.
Depends who you talk to, depends what column you read.

I raced home from the city tonight to catch the late night edition of the show, so even though the rest of the world knows who won tonight...I don't!
And, I'm not gonna cheat and look online.
So, here it is.
Random thoughts and impressions, late at night after a 3 hour drive home to see this...

100,000,000 votes.
624,000,000 total votes for the season.
That's the most ever.

This is a great show for me, overflowing with excellent talent this year.
I had a hard time picking out my top 10. I started with 19 and then whittled it down from there.
Of course, my top 10 didn't match American Idol Top 10, quelle surprise!

Here are a few of my favorite finale moments.

Is this Katy Holmes Cruise and perhaps...Suri? This is a little shot from last night's semi-final...



David Cook opens the show. What a treat to see how he's grown!
Download his new single from i-Tunes and all profits go to the ABC Squared, a foundation that works towards finding a cure for cancer.

Lil Rounds gets a duet with Queen Latifah! Hoo-boy, that's some goooood company she's in.

Bikini girl get implants!
Bikini girls gets Ryan's attention with her noticeable new additions.
Then, she gets hoisted by her own petard...Kara outsings her with her own song and then...flashes her teeny undies! Too hilarious!

Kris gets to sing with Keith Urban. Their voices blend so beautifully.
Allison and Cyndi Lauper? Perfection!

Wow! Danny Gokey with Lionel Ritchie! Niiice, very nice.


Wouldn't you know it?
No one other than KISS brings it on for Adam!
I totally loved it.
He holds his own with that epic band and he stands straight and tall beside them...he's a perfect fit!
Amazing man, this Adam Lambert.


Carlos Santana appears, and Matt and the Top 13 gets to sing with him and his band! How cool is that?

Megan Joy, Michael Sarver and Steve Martin perform a delightful little love song that Steve wrote for his new album. Very sweet!

I loved Rod Stewart, introduced by Adam!
That was a surprise, I had no idea he was appearing.

The Drama Queen of this season, Tatiana!
The funniest part is Ryan's imitation of her when he opens the envelope. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh!"




The perfect ending to the perfect night...Adam and Kris sing We are the Champions with Queen!
Wonder if they'll ask Adam to be their new lead singer?
I'm so enjoying the show that I know I've missed a few, but what the heck!
This has been a great finale, even though I'm exhausted from a long and hectic day, I've enjoyed it immensely.


This year's American Idol is...

Kris Allen?


The voters got it wrong, in my humble opinion. Adam is hands down the most gifted and the best singer.
The last time I looked, this was a singing competition.
But, as things always happen for a reason, it's possible that Kris needs this more than Adam.
Adam will be a star, with or without Idol.

So, in the long run, this is ok with me, for that reason.
Congratulations, Kris...congratulations, man!



“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.”
~ Larry Bird

Comments (8)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, excellent recap of last nights dramatic and entertaining results show. I was so impressed with the line up of entertainers who came to share the stage with the top 13 Idols. I couldn't believe they brought back Bikini Girl. :)

Queen was so awesome and I loved their performance with Adam and Kris. Although I wanted Adam to win, I think Kris is so talented too so I'm not that upset that Adam didn't win either. It's all good as they say!

Season 8 was very entertaining and as you said filled with great talent. Thanks so much Brenda for your recaps. I have really enjoyed reading them throughout the competition. Have a great weekend!

Thank, Kathy...
It's been quite a ride for these kids! Friday, Larry King has booked them for the hour...not too shabby!

A hugely entertaining finale last night, with plenty of fabulous surprises for the contestants"
Rod Stewart
Lionel Ritchie
Cyndi Lauper...
I also thought that the people the contestants sang with was perfection. Each one vocally matched the musician(s) they were paired with.
Good job, AI!

Barb Cabot:

Brenda, great recap...Whatta show that was...one after the other, the line up and the idea of having the idol contestants paired with big names was great entertainment.. Itwas all so exciting. This season was the best. I loved Adam's outfit when he came out before Kiss...I said...Whoaaaaa those wings and his eye make up and his shoes...I loved it all so totally a rocker star. He can carry off any look. It will be fun to see how they all evolve into bigger and bigger stars. I feel like we have just witnessed the seeds being sown in the music garden. Now in years to come we will look back and remember these days and say...those were the beginnings and we were there. I love your last quote...so true! Thanks for recapping every week.


Great recap - the winner announcement was nowhere near as good as the show, best end of season show I can remember. I loved it all except those AI awards - could have lived a whole lot longer without ever having to see Bikini Girl, and her new inflatables, again. Thanks for the recap.


Brenda, Love your recap. I was disappointed that Adam did not win. He was a very gracious gentleman through it all. What a talented man!

In the same vein, I was disappointed with Dancing with the Stars as well. Maybe I should not complain because I did not vote. But, What is going on????

Maybe I will boycott both shows next time around. :)

chiaro di luna:

Have to agree with marciaB on her comments.
After listening to the ladies on the View today, I can see that Danny's votes probably went to Kris. That must be what happened.
Even Kris said it should be Adam winning.
The idols are Larry King Fri. night with Ryan & Paula.
I'll bet Adam gets something big going for himself right away. What talent this year.

Thanks for the recap Brenda. As I told Trek Capri, in truth while there's only one winner, there are no losers on Idol. And Adam may end up benefiting from the freedom of being in "second place." I thoroughly enjoyed this season and that star-packed Finale!


Ditto to what everyone said. We voted for Adam too. I think Brad hit "redial" a gazillion times. Adam is an amazing performer, and I adore Danny. Kris has been gracious and humble as the winner.

PS For some reason Facebook wouldn't let me sign the group card. Kept making me re-sign in! :>(

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