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American Idol...Four on the Floor...

Remember when?

So, this week with only four contestants left in the competition, the knife edge sharpens.
Rock is the theme.
That oughta give Mr. Adam Lambert the edge.
As well, Allison Iraheta will likely rocket close to the top with her Janis Joplin rasp and her rough edge.
Might see Danny and Kris both slide back a little, do you think?

Here we go!
There's been an accident on the set, so the contestants haven't had a proper dress rehearsal.
Will that matter? Let's see...

Adam's up first.
Mentored by Slash, former Guns N' Roses guitarist and currently with Velvet Revolver, Adam's slicing up the stage with his version of a Led Zepplin classic.
The look, the vocals, the hair, the wardrobe...fantastic.
I'm not a rock baby, don't own a rock record in my collection at all, so this is totally not my genre.
Still and all, I can hear and deeply appreciate the crystal-clear tones in Adam's voice, whether at the top of his range or in the basement of his lower register.
Stellar vocals, baby. Stellar.
He's SO damn good and should win this one, hands down.

Allison takes on a Janis Joplin classic, Crybaby.
I think she's headed home tonight, based on that performance.
All I heard was Crybaby, Crybaby, Crybaby.
No variation in her vocals.
At all.

The duet with Kris and Danny.
What was that?
I thought this was rock week.
Song choice, song choice.
Too bad, because I think they blew this one chance right out of the water.

Kris has the stage...he's choosing The Beatles.
Waffling back and forth between a few songs.
Finally, chooses to sing Come Together.
Slash tells him he needs to move his butt around the stage more.
So, tell me something...is this a rock song?
I don't hear it that way.
Too soft, no rippin' vocals, no fingernails-on-the-blackboard sound.
He'd be my second choice for going home money.
Actually, he might be the one to go and Allison might grab another breather next week.

And, Danny's last on stage.
I think he just dumped his last chance to win.
I think he'll be back next week, but this week's performance was dreadful.
I'm a huge fan.
It was dreadful, still.

Adam and Allison's duet should wrap this evening up quite nicely.
They are perfection together.
Simon's right. Adam may have given Allison enough legs to stay one more week.
A great paring, with sweet matching vocals.

So, until tomorrow.
See you in the Idol dugout!

"I would put my money on Adam and Danny.
It is going to be Adam and somebody.
I would like to see Adam and Danny because I think they are the best two singers, and at the end of the day that is what should happen."
~ Simon Cowell

Photo credit - American Idol

Comments (6)

chiaro di luna:

Yep, Adam wins, hands down.
Allison's genre for sure. I like her. She is only 17 years old. A young Kelly Clarkson.
Didn't like Chris at all tonight.
Danny okay.
My pick is Chris to go home.
Danny or Allison in final with Adam.
They'll all do well after this is over. good season.

Great talent this season!
The best group of talent I've seen in all the years I've watched this show.

I think Adam has set a new high bar for talent, because he comes to the floor with everything ready for winning. I think it will be a travesty if he doesn't win, but wither way, he's got a huge career ahead of him!
PS...looks a lot like Elvis at times.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, great Recap! I think Adam was the best last night too and I also loved Alison a lot! Voted (many times) for both of them. :)

Although Rock was not their thing I thought Kris and Danny tried their best but it just couldn't compare to Adam & Alison. And the Duet by A&A was awesome! Great way to end Rock night on Idol!

Thanks for your great Recap Brenda! Can't wait for the results tonight...

chiaro di luna:

Well, I didn't guess correctly.
I expected it to be Chris. I think he did too.
Hope the Adam fans get out to vote.
I agree re: the Elvis thing. I had also been thinking that before you mentioned it.
Good luck to Adam.

Agree on the AA duet. They were perfectly synched.
Adam all the way.
Danny showing some weakness and Adam getting better every week, I think.
Sorta like watching the Kentucky Derby in slow-mo!

Thanks for posting, chiaro!
I see Adam getting stronger and better each week, while Danny's out of his element this past 2 weeks, so he doesn't come off as strong as he has been. Hope he kicks it up a notch for the finals!

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