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American Idol...Ryan Earns A Reprimand...

Remember how we didn't like how Ryan gave Adam the opportunity to choose which side of the stage he thought he belonged?
Guess a lot of people agreed with us!

This link was on Twitter tonight.

Very interesting and very timely.
I like it!

There is justice, after all!

"Consideration for others is the basic of a good life." ~ Confucius

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It will be interesting to see if he ( Ryan) makes an apology on the show next Tues. That really was so low of them to do that to Adam, when he has always been so polite to everyone. I sure hope he wins!! I have never really cared about who won on previous shows, but this one, well, yes, I do care !!


I think the producers made a huge mistake doing this, and I can understand that Ryan was directed to do it, but jeez, Louise! I would have refused, knowing it was an unkind and tacky thing to do. Let 'em fire me, whatever...just be nice!

This isn't the first year they've done this.
It is part of their "stichk" every year. One year, I can't remember which, the person refused to make the choice. He just stood in the middle and said "no". Pretty cool.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, this is very interesting. I thought that was in poor taste too and I'm glad that the fans are speaking out. Let's hope the AI producers listens!

Thanks for the link and this interesting story.

I can't remember who it was but there was another year when they did the same thing to a contestant and he refused to choose; he just sat down in the middle of the stage! Maybe it was David Archuilata?

Interesting link!

I agree with you about Adam's manners. He is so polite, makes a point of thanking the band and the arrangers for his music. Nice guy, and not deserving of that kind of crude situation. On international TV as well! Uncool, to the nth degree.

Deborah, I remember that!
I felt so sorry for Adam, and his discomfort was palpable. THEN, to be told that he'd chosen the wrong group was a slap in the face, in my opinion.

I wonder if the producers will listen to the fans. They better.
I'd bet there will be an apology of sorts on the next show. What do you think??

I think it was Archie who just sat down and smiled at Ryan. That was perfect! "Nope, not going to play that game!" Good for him!!!


Deborah's right, the producers do this with someone at least one each season - Ryan's a tool, at least IMHO, but in this case he's been setup to be more than a tool than usual - certainly not anything that has to do with Adam - I do remember when someone flat out refused to do it - cheers all around.

Read an article that said that it was Melinda Dolittle who refused to choose a group and sat down in the middle of the stage. Way to go Melinda!

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