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American Idol...This Is It!

Photo credit - American Idol

So it all comes down to this.
It's all finished but the shooting, as they say in the wild, wild west.

Adam vs Kris.
No matter who wins, they both win in so many different ways.
A year ago, none of us had heard of either Adam or Kris.
Today, there are very few people in this corner of the globe who don't know who they are.

Adam is the best example of a true born-to-be-a-rock-star I've seen in a long time.
I'd know his voice anywhere, and that recognizability will pay off in spades for him in his career.
From the depths of his lower range to the highest note of his crystal clear falsetto, he nails them all.
He reminds me of the first days of Elvis.
He has the same sincere, well-mannered, almost shy nature off stage...and then moves into overdrive and kicks major ass with everything he sings, once he steps into the spotlight.
I feel like I'm watching a new phenomenon, every time Adam sings.
This'll be a joy to watch his career take off!

Kris is the gentle soul who plays a stellar piano and can raise his vocals to some pretty beautiful notes.
His blues-y R & B style is definitely strong and it's soothing to hear his voice ripple over the notes.
Very emotionally connected with his music.
I think he's out of his league here, though. Still think Danny should have been in the final. It would have made for a better competition

So, for tonight...
Adam reprises Mad World, which he slayed totally during the season.
Dry ice and long coat aside, this is an amazing performance that I'd buy in a Hollywood heartbeat.
Personally, I love theatrics, so dry ice and long coat are standouts for me and I love the whole look and feel of this performance.
Niiiice, Mr. Lambert.
Very nice.
Let me know when you've recorded this, where I can buy it...and, I'm so there!

Kris sits at the piano, takes his turn with his first song,
Nice version, this is what he does best.
Soft, subtle vocal shading and a fine pianist, to boot.
I think this is one of the best performances that he's given since the beginning of this season.
Truly, he was forgettable from the get-go back then, but he's not so forgettable now.

Adam wins the first round, by a California mile.

Change is Gonna Come, chosen by Simon Fuller, the brains behind American Idol, is Adam's next piece.
Adam blew it out of the window!
I could not breathe by the time he was in the middle of this incredible piece of music.
R & B song, and his interpretation was killer.
Nothing can touch this man when it comes to turning listeners into believers.

What's Goin' On? is Simon Fuller's choice for Kris and he sings it with his guitar and a small backup group.
Nothing fancy-schmancy, just good old-fashioned soul singing.
A bit of a bore for me, though.
The problem for me is that this is all he can sing.
That's really not an issue for people who like to listen to one vocal style.
But for this night, the finale...I think it was cream puff stuff.

Adam wins the second round, hands down.
Stunningly, Adam.

Adam takes on Kara's newly written song, No Boundaries, which the winner will record after this season ends.
Ok, truth time.
For me, the song was a little trite.
I agree with Simon...mountains and waterfalls...who knew?
Bet Adam had more than a little trouble making that one believable.
He really wrapped it around his little finger, though.
A great interpretation, used his high notes and his depth of tone as much as anyone could with the material he was given.
Good on ya, Adam! You sang it like you actually believed it, and that gets you a 10 in my books.

Kris performs the same song.
At the beginning, I heard a few little off-notes.
In the middle, again a few notes that were sour for me.
And, again at the end...I think the song is just way too big for him, really.
Sorta like a guy singing at karaoke night for me.

Adam takes the third round.
Adam in a knock-out.
That's the competition in a nutshell.

Stay tuned for the results tomorrow night!

Photo Credit - converse_chic93

Comments (5)

chiaro di luna:

I agree totally with your comments tonight.
I did not like the final song, but Adam did it best.
There's no comparison with Kris and Adam. Adam is so far above this league.
Good luck to all of the top 10.

Hey, chiaro...
No doubt! No doubt.
It's kinda unfair, in a way. I truly believe that Danny would have made it a competition.
Nothing against Kris. He's a fine singer and will make a good recording artist, I think.
But, Adam is a star.
End of story.
A star.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, great recap! I thought last night was one of the best finale shows in Idol History! I also didn't think much of Kara's song and I agree that Adam performed it much better than Kris.

Tonight's results show will be intense and I'm looking forward to finding out the winner.

Thanks for your great recap Brenda! Have a great day!

Barb Cabot:

I really enjoyed this finale! It was an incredible show. What a ride! Thanks for your wonderful reviews every week. I looked forward to seeing what you would say.
What are we going to do now?

Thanks for stopping by!
It was a good final performance from both of the guys, better by Adam for me, though.
Fingers crossed!

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