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American Idol...Top 2...

So, it's down to the top 2...
Quoting Danny, " I just want it to be over! No more commercials..."
Must be agonizing at this stage of the game, don't you think?

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
The top 2 going forward to the finals are...

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

Surprise, surprise.
Not my top 2, by a long shot.
This is wrong, in my opinion.
Very wrong.
Danny has been consistent throughout the entire season. Memorable!
Kris has been spotty, at best. Forgettable.
Still...it is what it is.

Danny's final version of "Beautiful" is transcendent.
I look forward to his first album. I'm buying!
See you at the top!

"Sometimes the right thing happens, and the world celebrates with joy.
Sometimes it doesn't, and a different thing happens.
In that case, we should celebrate just as fully.
Sometimes, one man's choice is another man's pain."

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Brenda, I just watched the show, and I am still in shock! I really thought it would be Danny and Adam. I agree with what you had to say about Kris. Next week should be very interesting. By the way, love the quote.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, great recap! Although I was so happy to see Adam move on, tt was very sad to see Danny leave. I'm definitely buying his CD too!

Next week, the grand finale and I can't wait!

Brenda, I don't watch AI regularly, but many people were sad that Danny left. He still made a career for himself though, even without the title.

It's been interesting to see Kris come out of seemingly nowhere to move into the Final Two. Danny will be fine - I predict he'll have a big hit within the next year.

Looking forward to the finals next week!


Nothing shocks me with AI anymore (well, if Kris beats Adam, maybe), but I was sad to see Danny go - I felt the same way about his final song, I was glued to the set. Today I read an interview where he talks about the future, making an album, setting up a foundation in his wife's memory - I think he will be fine. I would probably go see him in concert, but not with all the Idols and all the screamers.

Thanks for the comment...the quote is mine!
I know that Danny will get whatever he wants in his life, because he is a gifted musician. So, it's not about what he might be missing because he's been voted out.
My only issue is that he's by far a better vocalist than Kris, IMHO. There are a lot of Kris fans who will disagree with me...just my thoughts for what they're worth!

Yep, it will be a gut-buster next week! Stress for both guys and no less for those of us avidly watching and hoping for our favorite.

In the grand scheme of things it's really not a big whoops who wins...some of the past winners have disappeared into relative obscurity, while those in the 2nd or 3rd spot have become recording artists. So, there you are!

Agreed! He's good enough that he doesn't need to win the whole enchilada to be a success.
Actually, Danny, Adam and Kris are all talented enough to make it without winning.

Kris really did come from the back of the pack and snuck right into the front of the line! Good for him!

It's just that I was more partial to Danny's voice and singing style, so I'm sad that he isn't getting another chance to go for it.

You crack me up! I gotta agree with you about the screamers. :-)
I'll be looking for both Adam and Danny's albums when they are out and will happily buy them.
And, I'd go to their concerts, anytime at all.
Adam is such an entertainer and that for me is part of the whole package. That's what makes him the top dog for me.

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