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Celebrity Apprentice...Joan Rivers!

I love this show!
This year, Joan Rivers won...she's the new Celebrity Apprentice. She beat out Annie Duke.
Not bad for a 75 year old woman, I think.
She has such stamina and tenacity. I only wish for that kind of strength.

Here are a few favorite moments from this year's finale...
I loved Tom Green poking at Annie when he said, " You've let her get under your skin. Under your skin. Under your skin. Under your skin."
Over and over again, until she finally stopped bitching about Joan Rivers. That was a treat, because she really expended so much negative energy complaining about Ms. Rivers.

I think Joan's strategy to get under Annie's skin worked perfectly. It threw her off her game just a little, and it was enough.

I also loved Donald Trump telling Annie Duke that she had no idea whether her friends were Mafia or not.
This came from Donald, after Annie's constant complaining about Joan calling her friends Mafia.

My best friend doesn't like Donald Trump.
Her husband doesn't like him, either.
I disagree with them, because I have learned a lot from him, by listening to his business philosophy and by reading a couple of his books about business.

He's struggled with this show over the years, but this year it has risen above the rest and they are already re-signed for 2010.

Why do I love this show?
I find it interesting to watch how various personalities cope with the pressure.
Some don't.
Like Clint Black or Jesse James.
They refuse to engage in the process. Instead they just skim along the surface, coasting on everyone else's wake.
Others engage too much.
Like Annie Duke.
She took everything personally, refusing to step up above the nitty gritty that went on.

So, thanks for the entertainment this year, Mr. Trump! It was quite a ride.
Congratulations, Ms. Rivers...you rock, girl!

"He has such an ego. If he went to a bar, he'd pick himself up."
~ Joan Rivers about Clint Black

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Jannis and Larry H.:

I don't think that anyone else could have beat Annie except Joan Rivers.

Annie was a sly fox (rat) trying to be goody two shoes in front of Mr. Trump.
Then out of the board room, Annie bad mouthed Joan all over the place!!! I didn't like the way Annie and Brandy whispered in front of Melissa all the time. That went out in kindergarten!!!! HELLO..

Joan you did deserve to win,and we were pulling for you!! Good job!!!

Jannis and Larry,
Thanks for posting!
You know it, Joan Rivers!!!
She was correct in calling a spade a spade with Annie. No deception, no behind-the-back stabbing. Right in her face.
Good on ya, Joan!

Ooooh juicy! I have watched a few episodes online, will have to go and watch the last one! I watched the show last year and it was really pretty fun!

Very juicy!
Joan was the best! She kicked ass in a big way. I was so proud of her for holding to her integrity, for not playing the game and for being right in Annie's face, as she deserved!!! So there!

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