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AdamAdam...Truthteller Extraordinaire...

Photo credit - YH Awards

There's a lot of discussion on the various fan sites and discussion boards lately about Adam Lambert's interview for Rolling Stone...people feeling that he spoke too bluntly and said too much for their comfort.
Oh, my goodness, people!
Relax, chill out and get over it, already.
Take a few deep breaths and remember...this is just a guy who likes to sing.
He sings pretty damned good, I'll admit, but still and all, he's a very gifted man working his way up in the world of rock 'n roll, not the head of state of a powerful country.
That's not to diminish Adam, in any way, but merely to put this whole hoo-haw in some semblance of perspective.

Photo credit - YH Awards

Here’s the thing…
Adam’s a 27 year old healthy-as-hell red-blooded guy who tells it like it is and some folks don’t like that, finding it too much to absorb, finding it a little outside of their comfort zone.
I respect that.

I also very much respect Adam for having the brass balls to stand up, speak out and lay it on the line. “Here’s who I am, here’s what I do and here’s how I live.” Now, there are no corners of his life left for the paps to dig into, looking for some schlock-shock to print to get the ratings. It deftly disarms those distasteful people who make their dubious living by trafficking in the private lives of celebrities. That takes a tremendous amount of courage and self-confidence, and he’s got both of those in spades. I found it hilarious, thinking about the gossip columnists reading the article and saying, “Aw, crap! There’s nothing left for us to write about, now! How dare he?”

I think that most people’s life stories would have a little or a lot of shock value, if we were each to tell all. So, making judgments about Adam’s life and his very open truth-telling seems insensitive to me. I truly don’t know anyone who has lived a snowflake-white life, from beginning to end. Any of the people in my world could lay their life on the table and it would rival Adam’s in many ways.

Adam is a unique and gifted human being, and he has the enviable ability to speak completely unfiltered, from the heart. That is a trait that I admire and respect, so I am delighted that he has the intestinal fortitude to open up like he does. More people could take a page from his book, and the world would be a better place if there were more candor and less secretive behaviour.

He’s such a cool guy with such an intensely-warped sense of humour, and he has the rare gift of being able to laugh at himself. I wish him nothing but the sun and stars all wrapped up in a moonbeam.
Game on, my boy, game on!
The boy who fell magically and mysteriously to Earth…

"I feel like everyone has an opinion of me, and I want a chance to say, 'Well, do you want to hear how I really feel about all this?'"
~ Adam, of course

One of my favorite images of Adam...no idea where this one came from, tho'...

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda,great post about Adam. I agree with what you say. Adam is honest and true to himself. And he is a great artist. He will continue to gain popularity and it will explode when his CD comes out in the fall! That will be exciting. I love that last photo of him too! He has beautiful eyes.

Thanks for this great post and have a great Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by, Kathy...
Can hardly wait for the new CD! I bet it will smash a few sales records!

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