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Adam Lambert CAN sing the Phone Book....


If you've wonder about Adam's vocal range, check this out!
3 octaves, and a 21 second note hold at the very end of the video.
Amazing, totally.

If this is something you've never wondered about, watch this anyway, just to see how truly amazing this guy really is!

It is a very cool process to identify his chest and head voices, as well as that soaring head falsetto that we love!

Idol Ranges gives you a song by song breakdown of his highest and lowest notes during his Idol's performances.

Short version...
Overall lowest : C#3/Db3
Overall highest : A#5/Bb5
Overall range : 16 ½ steps


Rosanne Simunovic, vocal teacher for the Idol MasterClass has some great insights into Adam's voice and a few good pieces of advice. Seems to me he listened to her and did exactly what she recommended!

Good technical information! I love how much detail goes into perfecting a voice like Adam's...taking the natural ability and refining it until it is as close to perfect as can be.

A nice follow-up to Americal Idol...Adam has been awarded Young Hollywood Artist of the Year! Kara is presenting the award to him tonight, and you can see the highlights on Entertainment Tonight on Monday, June 8th.
Wow! Not bad for coming in second!

"I feel you will be an unstoppable force in this show, as you are like a chameleon and wear a coat of many colors in your singing style.
A true Cabaret Idol!
How I have been waiting for this day!"
~ Rosanne Simunovic

All photos - BGE screencap oil format

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Brenda, I am so glad you posted this. Wow, that was amazing to listen to the range he can hit, and have it show what notes. I will set my DVR to record that so that I won't miss it tomorrow night. I sure hope he signs a recording contract with a big company. He really deserves to make it.


Hi, Sandra,
Thanks for posting! I think this is the first pop/rock/glam artist with such perfect pitch and such an amazing range. Wow!
He's busy writing for a new album, also!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, very cool post! I am so happy for Adam! It's funny but I watched Kris Allen sing the National Anthem last night on TV at Game 2 of the NBA finals with the Lakers and the Orlando Magic. And although he did good, I briefly imagined how it would've been with Adam singing it in his stylin self. He probably would've blown the roof off with his awesome vocals! :)

It will be fun watching his career take off!

BTW, I loved that quote! So right on target!

Thanks so much for this awesome post Brenda. I hope Annie & Nancy sees it too!


Great post, Brenda!

The sky's the limit for Adam. I hope he gets good management advice to help him analyze the opportunities (I know there will be a ton of them).

Did you see the blog post I made a couple of days ago about Adam singing with Queen?

Hey, Kathy,
Thank you for your ever-so-kind comments! I found it so interesting to see the range of notes tat he can cover and the absolute power of his voice.

Hi, Nancy,
Thank you for posting! I'm off to read your piece on your blog...
You are right, the world is at his feet and I think he's a solid and stable man who will take it in stride.

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