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Bill Maher...Is He or Isn't He?

Nobody makes me laugh more than Bill Maher, when he's on a fantastic roll.
Whether he's on his soapbox on his own show or cracking up Larry King...he's just a fabulous satirist.
I might not always agree with him but I always cheer loudly for his right to speak his mind.

Tonight, he was goading a guest because of her wiffle-waffle ways.
Then, as fast as you can blink, he did a complete 180, twisted his opinion about and played devil's advocate! Too funny. Blew her furry little mind!

"We need more people speaking out. This country is not overrun with rebels and free thinkers. It's overrun with sheep and conformists." ~ Bill Maher

I struggled to find quotes of Bill's that wouldn't offend the delicate ears of you, my faithful readers.
I gave up after 10 minutes.
There aren't any.

"The jury could get the case as early as next week, but the defense says they just want to introduce one last-minute load of crap." ~ Bill Maher

He's a huge Obama supporter, but he hesitates not to give him a kick in the butt if he thinks it is deserved.
He's not wacky-religious, he's very opinionated and he's a truthteller.
The world could use a lot more Bill Maher's.
That's my opinion, for what its worth.
A lot more.

"If you think you have it tough, read history books."
~ Bill Maher

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I feel the same way as you about Bill Maher. i love him, but would not want to be on the recieving end of his scathing tongue!

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