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Generations...My Grandboy Done Good...

Andrew Sisters...

My youngest grandboy's drama club put on a Dinner Theatre tonight.
I was one of the lucky people who were invited to attend.
I was over-the-moon!

The production was called Generations, and it was top secret.
No one was told anything about it.
Walking into the school gym, I noticed that the walls were covered with fabulous posters representing a number of musical stars both past and present.
This was my first clue.
Music of the generations!
Now I get it.

This was a collaboration of the kids from Grade 5 - 7 in my grandboy's school, an evening of good food and good fun, raising money for the Breakfast Program in the school. From the first vocalists to the last, this was pure entertainment for me.

The Andrews Sisters, played by a trio of very cute girls, sang Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. My grandboy did a hot jive number with his partner in the background. Complete with twists and double turnbacks, he wowed the crowd! He's twelve years old and he wowed the crowd, I swear.

The audience applauded as the kids disappeared behind the curtains and reappeared a split second later, with a fresh costume change. My grandson jumped onto the side stage, planted himself behind the keyboard wearing a huge black Little Richard wig covering his strawberry blond hair and a jazzy black jacket bedazzled with neon sparkles.

Tutti Frutti crashed around us as the group axed their way through that old hit song from the '50's, with my boy wailing and playing the keyboard with passion. Again, a wash of applause came from the audience for these funky kids who've put together these entertaining moments.

We enjoyed a tribute to Elvis with Jailhouse Rock, a rippin' version of Aretha's R-e-s-p-e-c-t, a cute-as-a-new-puppy version of Twist and Shout from the Beatles era, a Beegees song, Rolling Stones, Cyndi Lauper, ABBA, Twisted Sister, Spice Girls and a grand finale of Nirvana.


As the evening came to a close, we gave the kids a thunderous round of applause. As we waited for our kids to appear from backstage, we chatted with neighbours and friends who were there to enjoy their own children and grandchildren in this fun evening.
What a lovely feeling!
Being in a large group of people I've known forever and talking about our kids and grandkids...delicious! Standing with my daughter, my son-in-law, my Paris-traveling granddarling...this was a memorable moment.

The boy soon appeared, his jazzy jacket and snapbrim fedora jauntily tilted rakishly to the side of his head. He looked so grown-up! I realized in a moment that he was still in stage makeup and that, plus the uber-cool jacket and hat, gave him an air of maturity that I've not noticed before.
The boy's growing up. Sigh...

I asked him for his autograph.
He gave it to me!
I have the program that he signed put away in a safe place, for when he makes the big time. I can say,
"I knew him when!"

As we walked to the exit, chatting about the evening, I couldn't help but think about the kids in this performance. What a gutsy group of people...stepping forward to put themselves on the line in the name of entertainment! Wearing ABBA costumes, Beatles outfits and '40's Andrews Sisters-style clothing, they played a glorious game of dress-up and had a blast doing it.

They did whatever it took to bring to life the entertainers who they were lip-synching. Wearing wigs and boas, rock 'n roll costume and stage makeup, and beating the hell out of a variety of instruments, they strode onto that stage with the sole purpose of having fun.
A totally cool evening...encore, encore!

"Music is what feelings sound like."
~ Unknown


Photo credits...Google Images

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sounds wonderful. I love these types of shows.
I look forward to some of these things as our grandbaby grows up.

It IS a lovely thing. I am on the last grandbaby, though, and at 12 ears old, he'll be on his way sooner than we all would like, then no more of these treasured evenings.
You'll love it so much!

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