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My Favorite Cat Cartoons...

Someone sent me this animated short video of a typical cat and his sleeping human.
I laugh every single time I watch this.
Typical cat!
The artist must have a cat, because he knows intimately the characteristics of a feline.
Check this out...Simon's Cat entertains!

The other day, I found this one:

Cat Rules #67:
The best times to inform humans of your dish's emptiness are when they are unable to ignore you, such as when they are sleeping or on the toilet, or you are in one's lap.
~ Harold Reynolds

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Love these, especially the couch one they are just too true!

...snicker, snicker...they are so true!
I love the bum in your face parts, 'cause every single cat I've had does that...why, WHY?


One of my cats loves to sneeze in my face at point blank range! Urrgh!

Too funny! Well, not funny but you know...funny!
Cats are their own persons and they do what they want when they want...we could all take lessons from them!

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