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AdamAdam...Portland Concert, Long Story Short..


Finally, there are Youtubes to burn of the Idol tour in Portland last night!
I've scanned through a stack of 'em and picked out the best of each song that Adam laid out for us last night. It's not the arena in Portland, but if you peel the lid from a cool one, put your feet up and press play, you can pretend you're at the real thing! Enlarge the video screen even...makes it more enjoyable.

One thing?
I think this boy's taken himself some choreography classes!
He's movin' it fine!

Sit down, take a deep breath and watch the show...even tho' the audio quality is spotty in places...
Not bad, considering no one was to be bringing cameras into the arena!

Whole Lotta Love...




Mad World...

David Bowie Medley...


Here's a second look at the David Bowie Medley and the floor dropping Adam down at the end of his set...


If you're longing for more, here is a great list of every single performance...some have multiples.

A stellar review from On Portland...

"Gokey was immediately forgotten after Adam Lambert's explosive opening. The crowd went crazy as he belted out Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love". A lot of the things that I felt didn't work in Lambert's performances on the small screen were the very things that made seeing him live in an arena so fantastic.

His opening number was pure electricity and left absolutely no doubt that he's a rock star. I was really shocked at just how amazing hearing Adam Lambert sing Zeppelin was. He followed with an extremely strong version of Muse's "Starlight" and then slowed it down with "Mad World".

Although the live version of "Mad World" wasn't as magical as on the show, it was still fantastic. He pulled the entire audience in with the song and showed how easily he could warp the tempo and tone on stage.

Adam called Allison on stage and the two of them did Foghat's "Slow Ride". My son turned to me and said, "Isn't that a song from Guitar Hero?!" Interesting how times have changed. Adam and Allison's chemistry were fantastic and the song was spot on.

Adam finished his set with a medley of David Bowie songs including "Life on Mars", "Fame" and "Let's Dance". It was fun and playful, but I would have enjoyed more big rock like Queen or Kiss. Still, Lambert showed he's the real deal and his performance was so strong, I'll definitely make a point to see him when he returns on his own.

During Adam's set it became pretty clear how limited the staging of the show was. "Whole Lotta Love" screamed for some sort of pyrotechnics and his melody of Bowie songs could have been a huge production number with dancers and effects. It was a huge opportunity lost and one of the most noticeable failings of the show as a whole.

Despite the production shortcomings the show was very enjoyable. Between Allison Iraheta's energetic set, Adam Lambert's jaw dropping Zeppelin and Kris Allen's pitch perfect performance, there's more than enough here to justifying seeing the show."

This guy's the real deal.
Watch him. It's going to be quite a ride.

"Then it was time for the real show, and it belonged to Adam Lambert.
The slightly androgynous gothy singing sensation absolutely tore up "Whole Lotta Love" and, with help from Iraheta, transformed the classic rock dude anthem "Slow Ride" into something sly and fun."
Scott Lewis - Oregon Live


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My sister is going to the AI show in San Jose, CA this coming Sunday night. I know she will be just as excited about it as you are!

How totally cool for her!
Thanks for letting me know...hope she has a fabulous time!!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, cool post! Its really great to hear that Adam is doing so well on the Idol tour so far. I have a feeling that he is definitely the star and big draw. I really liked his David Bowie Melody and Startlight performances a lot!

If you get a chance, this is an interesting YouTube, which shows an autograph session. You can see some of the the idols in the foreground with the fans but as soon as Adam walks in the fans go nuts and literally look past the other idols. Very interesting footage.


Thanks for writing this post! Have a great day!

Hi, Kathy!
Thanks for your comments!!!
I am delighted that Adam is sailing along, doing beautifully. He has such an amazing talent and I'm so happy to see him taking off like he has. Wonderful!
The link is great! That's one I've not seen...too cool, huh?

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