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AdamAdam...Stay Safe, Stay Strong...

Top 10 Finale ~ Los Angeles Staples Center ~ photo credit - Just Jared

A while back I wrote an emotional piece on this blog about the need to speak up and stand tall for Adam Lambert and his decision to talk openly and freely about his sexuality. At the time, I initially felt like it was completely irrelevant, that there was no need for him to feel like he had to talk about his life with anyone. I think I said something cavalier like, "Who cares?" What I meant was that I saw no reason in this 21st century for a person to be put in a position of explaining his or her life to anyone.

I also wrote about my own realization that as long as there is one person in the world who doesn't understand the basic human right of freedom to live one's life without criticism and judgment, then it is important for everyone to care for and to speak up in support of that person.

Fast forward to today.
I just learned that a small but vocal group of church-goers has published an incredibly offensive, viciously-worded brochure attacking the American Idols as a group and Adam Lambert as a fellow human being. I read the obscenely-worded handout that this group of so-called "Christians" has been distributing, and I was sickened to realize that there still are pockets of such ignorance and shocking narrowmindedness existing in my corner of the world.

Thank God for the intelligence and kindness of Adam's fellow Idols, because they have closed ranks around him, circled the wagons, so to speak. Michael Sarver, who finished in the Top 10, is a married father of two from Texas.
He writes on his Twitter page about the relationship between the ten Idols in the show, "We are together in this thing. You mess with one, you mess with all ten. We are strong and we are 1."

A few hours later, he writes, "Funny how people think it's a good idea to mess with a big Texan and his AI family. Lol! Adam is just fine, shakes it off and so should we."

I know that they are protected and kept safe.
I know that they have each other's backs and are supportive and loving with each other like a true family.
What I don't know is what the hell makes people think they have the right to attack some young kids who are doing nothing other than making music together for our benefit.

It's just music, people!
These amazing human beings are simply making music, not selling illegal drugs or smuggling weapons of mass destruction.
Where's the harm in this, I ask you?
They're singing their way across the continent, entertaining tens of thousands of people, putting on a show for fans from eight to eighty.
They're giving so much time and energy to give back to their fans that they are exhausted and running on fumes some days.

So, rather than organizing a string of protests, making picket signs and hurling obscenities across the Universe at these ten Idol winners, it seems to me that a much more productive and much less toxic way to change the world might be to feed the hungry, house the homeless and strengthen and support the weak.

The Idols are singing their way from city to city. Yet, at the same time. they are dealing with the same pressures and pain that we all deal with in our lives...the death of a beloved grandmother, a violent case of food poisoning, being away from a wife and 2 tiny children...everyday things for everyday people.

I wish for one thing...that those protestors learn how to channel their abundant energy towards a more productive cause, one that heals the world and not one that causes more pain than already exists. I know that I'm blowing air up a dead dog's butt in wishing for this...I know that nothing changes that type of mentality.

Here's the only thing I can offer to the Idols tonight...my favorite Irish blessing...

May those that love us, love us.
And those that don't love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping.

"God was just showing off when he made Adam Lambert!"
~ Source unknown

Top 10 Finale - Tacoma concert - photo credit unknown

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Barb Cabot:

Brenda, So well said!

Thanks, Barb...I do worry about them, and the issues they might face. The saving grace for me is that they have good protection and a huge organization behind them, so they'll be well taken care of...
still, the crazies that are out there, oh, my goodness!

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