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February 3, 2009

American Idol...

Do you watch American Idol?
I do, faithfully!

'Cause I really LIKE this show!
People with all the balls in the world, standing up in front of the viewing public and laying it all on the floor...I admire their courage and their guts. I wouldn't do it, I can promise you that!

Oh, I know there are the looney-tuners who dress in weird clothes and can't sing a note to save their souls. But, every few singers, there's a David Cook or a Jennifer Hudson that stands out from the rest of 'em. There will be another Jordin Sparks or Carrie Underwood...someone with the chops to take it to the finish line and win the whole enchilada.

This year, I'm watching the cuts taking place at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, seeing some really great kids with really exceptional talent working their way through the group rounds and, like cream on a quart of fresh farm milk, rising to the top of the bottle.

Watch out, y'all!
Here comes Adam Lambert, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Kai Kalama.
Following hot on their heels are Lil Rounds, Michael Sarver and Michael Castro. Yep, that would be another Castro brother...Michael's brother, Jason, was in until the late cuts last year!

There are some amazing kids singing their hearts out this year, and the judges are going to be working hard to get this group narrowed down to the top 20! I don't envy Simon, Paula, Randy and the newest addition to the judges' panel, Kara DioGuardi.
It's going to be a fantastic show again this year!

“If I said to most of the people who auditioned, 'Good job, awesome, well done,' it would have made me actually look and feel ridiculous. It's quite obvious most of the people who turned up for this audition were hopeless.” ~ Simon Cowell

Here's my pick to win this year...Danny Gokey!

Photo Credit - American Idol

February 4, 2009

American Idol...Group Night...

So, who needs a time out tonight?
Tempers, tears, highwired mini-divas and over-emotional drama queens...
I'd just wanna smack someone, I think.

This group day definitely separates the cream from the skim, doesn't it?
I'm already seeing some drop by the wayside and others walking on sunshine.
Bikini-girl's diva-days should be so over tonight, don't you think?

And, like always, there's my boy, Danny Gokey, singing like the star that he is!
What can I say?
Danny, all the way!
His group were stunning, simply stunning.
I loved it.

White Chocolate slammed it in Group Performance...
Paula has eeeevil in her eyes, according to one contestant that got the boot.
What's with the kissy-kissy crap from the blonde chick?


Train wreck just doesn't quite describe some of these performances tonight.
I'm going to make me a huge mug of hot chocolate with 50% Bailey's...maybe the rest of the evening will sound better to me after that!

"They're all crap!" ~ Simon Cowell

"“I don't mean to be a diva, but some days you wake up and you're Barbara Streisand.” ~ Courtney Love

Adam Lambert ~
Photo Credit - American Idol


February 10, 2009

American Idol...The Sharpest Cut...

My favorites all made the cut tonight at the Kodak Theatre!
Here's my list of who should have been included and coincidentally, who IS included!
This'd be my top 10:
Adam Lambert
Anoop Desai
Jamar Rogers
Jasmine Murray
Ju'Not Joyner
Lil Rounds
Matt Breitzke
Michael Sarver
Scott MacIntyre
and my main man, Danny Gokey!

I hope Kai Kalama made the cut...anyone know if he did?

I was disappointed to see the overly-emotional Tatiana Nicole Del Toro weeping her way into the A-list. If she can grab herself some dignity and stop with the boo-hoo-hoo antics, she might make it into the final group. Too melodrama-queen for me!

So, looks like I'll really enjoy the rest of the season, if this group is any indication of what's to come. Scott MacIntyre blows me away...did you hear him tonight? He plays a mean keyboard and sings very sweetly.

“I met someone the other night who's 28 years old, and he hasn't worked a day since he left college because he's pursuing a dream he'll never, ever realize: He thinks he's a great singer. Actually, he's crap.”
~ Simon, my boy!

Check out Adam Lambert in Wicked!

February 11, 2009

American Idol...Season 8...

THIS is American Idol!

Here's this year's top 36:
Anoop Desai ~ Excellent! Excellent! EXCELLENT!
Von Smith ~ Not my favorite, but if he sings what HE wants and not what his parents tell him to sing...
Alex Wagner-Trugman ~ He still has a long way to go, needs to mature...maybe he can pull it off?
Adam Lambert ~ Fantastic! This guy could win it all. And, he looks like an American Idol!
Taylor Vaifanua ~ Great voice, looks like an Idol! She's darling.
Jasmine Murray ~ Luscious voice! When hair and make-up gets finished with her, she'll really shine!
Ariana Afsar ~ Not a standout for me...cannot remember her singing anything!
Casey Carlson ~ Ditto...not memorable at all.
Meghan Corky ~ Again, not a standout performer for me.
Mishavonna Henson ~ Hmmm, maybe if she gets it together...
Stevie Wright ~ Not a voice that I remember...feel like I'm saying this a LOT about this group!
Joanna Pacitti ~ Great voice, now learn the words! LEARN the WORDS!
Kendall Beard ~ Lovely voice, like silk...
Kristen McNamara ~ I love her! Love the voice, love her personality. Gotta get an appropriate wardrobe, though. I agree with the judges...who is she?
Alexis Grace ~ Smoky luscious voice! Ditch the pink hair, get a more jazzy look.
Scott MacIntyre ~ Ain't he amazing, Gracie? I am so delighted that he's in!
Lil Rounds ~ Stunning voice, absolutely darling personality! AND, I'm so happy for her! She needs this.
Jessie Langseth ~ Argggghhhhh, that voice, all breathy and too much. Not for me, baby!
Alison Iraheta ~ Awesome! SHE could win! Reminds me of Janice Joplin...big ol' raw raspy voice.
Danny Gokey ~ Of COURSE! Standing O for this dude...BIG standing O! My favorite to win it all!
Ricky Braddy ~ Don't remember him, even a little bit.
Matt Gira ~ Nor him...
Jorge Nunez-Mendez ~ ...not him, either.
Brett Keith ~ Another one I cannot remember at all.
Ju'Not Joyner ~ That's my boy! Fantastic voice, great personality, looks like a star!
Steven Fowler ~ This is a miracle, after his disastrous week. Still, a great voice.
Jackie Tohn ~ Love the voice. Loooove it!
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro ~ Voice is stunning. She irritates the hell out of me! Shut up and sing.
Nathaniel Marshall ~ Needs a wardrobe advisor and needs to shed the face metal, NOW! Great voice!
This kid deserves a's been less than Pollyanna-time for him, so this is a glorious thing.
Jeanine Vailes ~ Not a stand-out for me.
Kai Kalama ~ Great voice, looks like a blues singer!
Anne Marie Boskovich ~ Not memorable.
Kris Allen ~ Same, same.
Michael Sarver ~ That's my boy, Michael! I just like this guy, a lot.
Matt Breitzke ~ Ditto, Matt! Something about him that spells strength and confidence
Nick Mitchell ~ If he'll leave his irritating comic schtick in the dressing room, he might be ok!

The best moment of the night?
The look of horror on Nathaniel's face when Tatiana screamed her way into the waiting room!
I near died laughing.
He's wicked, that boy. Pure wicked! ;-)

If you have time, check out Danny Gokey's MySpace site, listen to his vocals and take a look at the foundation he's set up in memory of his wife, who just passed a short time ago.

"It's like Randy went deaf this year. I don't know what happened." ~ Simon Cowell

February 17, 2009

American Idol...First Twelve...

Here we go!
A new format, as the top 3 in each group each week get to stay on, with a wild card round for the last 3 contestants.

Here are my 3 to go on:
Danny Gokey, by a country mile. This man is going to win the whole enchilada, IMHO!
Alexis Grace, because she was the best of the female vocalists
Anoop Desai, because he has the talent, even if he didn't show it tonight.

Here's what I thought of tonight:

Jackie Tone ~ not, not, not!
I totally agree with Simon...clownish.
Didn't like her look with the painted-on pants, and I really disliked her over-the-top performance.

Ricky Braddy ~ ok, just ok.
I don't agree with Randy, I thought he was screechy,and his tonal value was not good.
Again, I agree with Simon. He is a shy guy with a nice voice.

*Alexis Grace ~ I think she's good, I'm not fond of the voice, though.
Maybe, it's the style...I'm not a R & B fan nor a jazz fan, so that might be it.
Still, she did good.

Brent Keith ~ Hmmmm, not a strong voice, just ordinary for me.
Millions of better songs to choose than this one...yikes! Poor choice for this one-shot opportunity.
Nice guy, looks great!

Stevie Wright ~ Oh, dear. Not a great beginning to the song.
She'll go home early. Disastrous, actually. Pitchy all over the map.
How did she slip into this group? I agree with on earth did she get here?

Anoop Desai ~ Finally.
Here's a guy who can deliver a song...but, wait!
He was off-key!
What happened?

NOTE: Isn't anyone going to sing well tonight?

Casey Carlson ~ Aaaarggggghhhhh.
Too much facial commotion going on, makes me not want to watch her.
Off-key, off-key, off-key.

Can I go to bed, now?
Unbelievably bad night.

Michael Sarver, please sing a great song!
Danny Gokey, please bring on Danny Gokey. PLEASE!

Michael Sarver ~ ummmm, not great.
Sad, because he has a great voice.

Anne Marie Boskovich ~ Yawn...bad song choice. Bad.

Steven Fowler ~ This was just awful, and he really had only one great note.
Too bad, because I think he can really sing.
Tonight was not his night.

Tatiana Nicole Del Toro ~
She's singing Whitney.
Good for Simon!
Finally, he called it as he saw it!
The world's #1 Drama Queen.

*Danny Gokey ~ He reminds me of Robert Downey, Jr.
I rest my case.
He is fantastic.

And, what was with the disjointed programming tonight?
Video clips that wouldn't run on cue for the contestants, people talking over top of Ryan's really felt like a dress rehearsal to me, very poorly edited.
Chats with all those parents felt just plain uncomfortable to me.
They were clearly out of their element.
This felt like amateur night at the local pub with the karaoke machine.

"Well, that was awful. Simply awful!" ~ Simon Cowell

February 18, 2009

American Idol...First Three...

Two out of three ain't bad!
Here are your Top Three for this evening:
Danny Gokey
Alexis Grace
Michael Sarver

I'm happy with that!
Nice to see the Drama Queen sent home to work on her attitude and her real-ness.
Sorry to see Anoop-Dawg going home, though. I think he can s-i-n-g!

Late night at work, more on my mind than standing on my soap box about American Idol!
Mostly, I just want a good night's sleep...

"THAT was atrocious! AB-solutely atrocious!" ~ Simon Cowell

March 25, 2009

American Idol...Top 10...

An excellent American Idol tonight!
My favorites from the beginning shone like early morning starlight.
What did you think of these kids?
As Randy Jackson calls it, they're dope!

Adam Lambert.
He kicked it right through the roof tonight.
What a changeling!

Danny Gokey.
Not his best performance, but I totally liked it.
He has that raspy, one-too-many-smokes kind of voice.

Matt Giraud.
Better than Timberlake, as good as a world of his own.
A perfect performance, perfect.

Allison Iraheta.
Raw, unchained and gutsy performance.
Not my cuppa tea, but I give it up to her in spades!

And bringing up the rear...
Anoop Desai.
Tender, but sleepy.

Lil Rounds.
Not this time.
Where did the REAL Lil go?

Megan Joy.
Not this time, either.

Scott MacIntyre.
Not memorable at all for me.

Kris Allen.
Just OK,
Nothing memorable for me, either.

Michael Sarver.
Sorry, Mike.
Not tonight.

So, based on tonight's performances, here's my top three...

Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Matt Giraud

...and because she's a young sensation and has an amazing voice, add in another finalist...
Allison Iraheta.

What a great show!

Adam's favorite quote...
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." ~ Jimi Hendrix.

March 26, 2009

American Idol...Down to Nine...

In case you missed that sterling, shiver-inducing performance of Adam Lambert's last night, singing Smokey Robinson's Tracks of My Tears, take a look at this stunning version of an old Motown classic...

Now, for the elimination...who's going home tonight?

Tonight's bottom three is:
Matt - big surprise!
Michael - no surprise.
Scott - no surprise.

I'd bet on Michael Sarver going home, not because I don't like his voice.
I think he has a great voice, and he needs a little more stage presence...maybe, a little more Simon-ego to make him more memorable.
He's a very nice guy.
He has the right attitude, he says he's blessed just to be in the Top 10, and he's right.
He'll be on tour with the others later this year, so it's a winner for him, either way!

Matt is a fantastic vocalist and should be in the top three at the end of the day, so send him back to safety.
If he's the one voted off, wanna bet the judges will use their free save and keep him in the competition?
I'd bet cold, hard cash on that.

Scott could be sent home next week or the week after. I think he's got enough skills to stay for a couple more weeks.

Now, for the waiting, while Stevie Wonder takes the contestants for a musical ride...
this show really draws in the bigtime stars, doesn't it? I'm half expecting Diana Ross to wander out and sing a few!

...later in the evening...
So, it's goodbye, Michael Sarver.
It's been a pleasure to have watched his path from the initial audition to the Top 10.
I'm sorry to see him go. I hope he enjoyed himself and had a great time on this show. He's a true gentleman and his family is blessed to have him as a father and a husband. Now they get to have him back.

I love what Michael said about his little girl's thoughts about his being on Idol. He told Ryan that she knelt down beside him and whispered, "Daddy, why don't you want to be with me any more?"
Guess she'll have him home with her, again.
She'll be a happy little girl!

"I have been in public places and been noticed. They either know my name or call me the roughneck guy, so whatever works! I love it." ~ Michael Sarver

March 31, 2009

American Idol...Soon To Be Eight...

What a night!
Here's my Honeynut Cheerios recap:

Anoop...a cool look!
He's funked it up a little.
Good song, good voice.
That's about it.

Megan not enjoyable for me.
This girl has a strong vocal skill, but she picks the weirdest songs.
Bob Marley? Bob MARLEY??

Danny-boy...a tender, gentle ballad, sung from his heart.
I like this guy and I like listening to him sing.
I'd buy his CD's, no problem!

Allison...too much, already!
Too much hair, too red hair, too much weird clothing...where is Allison in all of this?
I couldn't hear her for the loudness of her costume.
Someone needs to get her a personal stylist, and fast.
Raw, Janis Joplin sound, but it gets lost under the weight of her "image."

This week, much better.
Good for him, takes courage to do this and how cool that he's made it this far.
I wish him nothing but more of the same...success, good hearted people and great tunes to sing.

Matt...awww, sorry, not this time.
Remember your great voice and sound from a few weeks ago?
Go back there, quick, before you get voted off!
You are too good a vocalist to leave now...

Lil...Yikes! She looks so old, dated...get another stylist for her, asap.
This girl can s-i-n-g! word.
My #1 choice this week.

Kris...Excellent vocals, great song choice.
What a surprise. He keeps getting better every week.
Got himself a little of Simon's 'confidence!'

So, a great evening of American Idol. I watched it at 6:00 P.M., and then kept scuttling across the networks so I could watch Adam's superb performance a couple of extra times.

Top three for me?

Bottom three?
Megan Joy

Going home?
Megan Joy

"Life is all about taking risks to get what you want." Adam Lambert

April 7, 2009

American Idol...Eight Left...

Danny Gokey
A light and fun song, definitely not one of my favorites, but this guy can be a craftsman with a song.
I love what Randy said about him.
He definitely will end up in the finals.

Anoop Desai
I really didn't get it.
This makes me sad, 'cause this guy has a VOICE.
Maybe it's song choice, maybe a little immaturity.
Whatever it is, it's not for me.

Kris Allen
I still don't know how to spell Chris/Kris.
I read it different ways in different places.
Good song, good voice, nothing spectacular.

Scott MacIntyre
I thought this was one of his best to date!
Wow! He can cut a tune really sweetly. Good for him!

Lil Rounds
Not tonight, Lil.
Better than last week but still sounds like Mariah Carey or Whitney...I want her to sound like LIL!

Allison Irahita
Get a dresser and a stylist for this darling little girl, please!
The hair was tamer, but the clothing? Too Goth and too just plain big for her.
Again, I cannot hear her for looking at her.

Matt Giraud
He did it!
He Michael Buble'd Michael Buble!
Great performance, nice look, the hat worked, Matt!

Adam Lambert
Two words.
American Idol.
This was undoubtedly the most depressing song ever written and recorded.
Yet, Mr. Lambert made it icily, chillingly his own, and by changing his appearance to that of a crystalline Jack Frost...his voice matched his appearance!
Excellent lighting...everything fit the performance perfectly.
He's so versatile, I never know what to expect and every time he twists the picture just a little more to the left or right, but never lands in the center.
Good job tonight.
He's the bomb.
Give him the title, let the rest of the kids go home.
A standing O from Simon C...I rest my case.

Listen to his voice... at 22 years old...
From Brigadoon:

And, my favorite, The Prayer...

"I met someone the other night who's 28 years old, and he hasn't worked a day since he left college because he's pursuing a dream he'll never, ever realize.
He thinks he's a great singer. Actually, he's crap." ~ Simon Cowell

April 14, 2009

American Idol...and Then There Were Seven...

Seven singers left.
Here's my take on tonight...

Allison Iraheta
Same old, same old...

Anoop Desai
Good change-up tonight!
Liked the rough tones in the voice. Much better!

Matt Giraud
Not quite.
Can't get past the fact that he seems to shoot himself in the foot every second week.

Adam Lambert
As always, a showman to the nth degree!
Maybe a little too much showman and not quite enough attention paid to the details of the vocals, but hey!
He can sing, he can sign.

Kris Allen
Not tonight, Kris.

Lil Rounds
Taking a perfect old classic like The Rose and wringing some gospel out of it just didn't work for me.
Bet Bette is spinning in circles.

Danny Gokey
A perfect song for this guy who sang this one from his heart.
He's so positive and happy each week that it is easy to forget he's still grieving for his beloved wife, Sophia.

Check out Sophia's Heart Foundation.


My pick for top 3...
Anoop and Allison tied for the third spot.

Who's going home?
Unfortunately, I think it will be Matt.
I love his voice, but I don't think he's hit his stride yet.
I'd encourage him to come back again next year.

"Danny's a part of Faith Builders International Ministry in Wisconsin. According to a contact at the church, Gokey was the Praise and Worship leader at both Faith Builders International Ministry locations, in Beloit, WI for the morning service and then he headed to Milwaukee for the afternoon service, as well as doing mid-week services. While Faith Builders is Gokey's home church, he travels back and forth to Nashville where he's been recording and working on the foundation that he set up in his wife Sophia's name, Sophia's Heart Foundation.

The foundation's goal is to unite people, organizations, and companies to 'reach out and touch the hearts of children from ages 0 through 18. The uniting factor among these children will be the need for restoration in various areas of their lives.' Part of the foundation's long term vision is to establish an orphanage in the Milwaukee area."
~ Gospel Soundcheck website

April 15, 2009

American Idol...Elimination, Again...

Tonight, the bottom three...Anoop, Lil and Matt.
I'm betting on Matt.

So, Anoop gets a reprieve and goes back to the group.
That leaves Lil and Matt.
Either could go and either would be the right choice.

I feel like each of them has constantly struggled to find their own way, their own style and sound.
Anoop is just starting to funk it up a little. He's beginning to get an edge to his voice and it's actually interesting to listen to him now.

Lil just never hit her stride. So, it wouldn't surprise me if she leaves.

With Matt, though, it's just never been there for him, really.
From one week to the next, something hasn't gelled and he's been floundering from song to song. Too bad, because I love his voice and he plays a mean piano. That's not going to save him, though.

HOWEVER, the judges will save him...just watch and see!
Good choice, judges!

"I think you have to judge everything based on your personal taste.
And if that means being critical, so be it.
I hate political correctness. I absolutely loathe it."
~ Simon Cowell

April 21, 2009

American Idol...Down to Five This Week...

An Adam Lambert doll on e-Bay...

Photo credit - e-Bay

Patterned after his disco routine...

Photo credit - e-Bay

American Idol is cutting the class down to five this week.
Matt Giraud scored the save last week but that only means that two people go home tomorrow.

So, here we go...

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April 28, 2009

American Idol...Top Five Tonight...My Favorite Genre!


My favorite genre...Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop & Sammy Davis Jr in the front...the original Rat Pack.

Kris sang Just the Way You Look Tonight.
I loved it! Simon didn't, but I thought Kris did a great job and he looked and sounded the part.
Nice compliment from Jamie Foxx, though!
He's all ready to work with Kris after the show is over.
How totally cool is that?

Someone To Watch Over Me, a delicate and elegant classic..
Beautifully crafted by Allison...lovely to see her bring it down to a tender place.
I always knew she could.
That's why I kept crabbing about her wardrobe and her wild appearance.
All she needed was a new look and a good dresser to peel the camouflage away, exposing her gentle heart.
Nice, very nice.

Matt Giraud loves jazz, studied it in college and lives this genre.
My Funny Valentine is a tender piece, and Matt aced it.
I thought that was wonderful!
Randy was not a fan, though.
Kara wasn't fond of it, either.
Paula gave him her kinder, sweeter critique.
Simon...hold your breath...thought he was absolutely brilliant!
And, Jamie Foxx's producers were on their feet, applauding.
Nice work, Matt!

Danny chose Come Rain or Come Shine.
I would buy this guy's records.
Right now, boys and girls.
Didn't you just love this?

Adam closed with Feelin' Good...
What can I say?
Perfection, total perfection.

He has it all...gobs of stage presence, spectacular vocals and he looks like a dream walkin'...
He seems so darned humble and appreciative of the compliments and the standing O's he gets.
The perfect performer with amazing blow-me-out-of-the-water emotion and vocals.
I have not seen this kind of talent and appeal in a performer since Elvis.

"A supposed glitch on iTunes last week revealed that Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are the most downloaded contestants of American Idol's season 8.
More specifically, six songs by Adam crack the top 10 of an Idol-themed chart on iTunes, while three Kris performances appear on the list.
It's a controversial revelation, considering how Idol's producers try to keep sales numbers secret to avoid letting each contestant's popularity be known, but more so because Idol's producers fans were anticipating an Adam-Danny showdown in the finals."

April 29, 2009

American Idol...Going Home Tonight Is...

This is getting closer than the skin on a banana.
I'm going out on a limb and I'm saying that Matt will go home tonight.
Here we go!

Photo credit - American Idol

A shock that Adam is in the bottom three!
Huge shock for me.
Who forgot to vote?
And, may I say it was not classy for Ryan to ask him to choose which group he felt he belonged with.
Still think Matt's going home tonight, even though Adam's in the bottom three.

Commercial break, Natalie Cole's up next.
They certainly stretch this out, make the agony last fore-v-e-r!
Taylor Hicks performed. He's lost some weight, changed his presentation and sounds really great! I wasn't a fan before and truly was surprised when he won AI.

Jamie Foxx has a new hit.
He 'sang' it.
Must be getting old, 'cause I didn't get it.
At all.
And, yet...I thought he was the best mentor ever!
He taught these contestants more than anyone else, in my opinion.

So, it's down to the wire.
The last few minutes of the show.
"And the person leaving us tonight is....Matt Giraud."

This guy plays a mean piano and sings the blues like no one else. He really has a talent and I think he'll go far. A true gentleman.
Still, a little pitchy tonight.
Maybe nerves, maybe tears catching in his throat because of leaving.

"I thought you were absolutely brilliant!"
~ Simon Cowell on Matt's performance

Photo credit - American Idol

May 1, 2009

American Idol...Ryan Earns A Reprimand...

Remember how we didn't like how Ryan gave Adam the opportunity to choose which side of the stage he thought he belonged?
Guess a lot of people agreed with us!

This link was on Twitter tonight.

Very interesting and very timely.
I like it!

There is justice, after all!

"Consideration for others is the basic of a good life." ~ Confucius

May 5, 2009

American Idol...Four on the Floor...

Remember when?

So, this week with only four contestants left in the competition, the knife edge sharpens.
Rock is the theme.
That oughta give Mr. Adam Lambert the edge.
As well, Allison Iraheta will likely rocket close to the top with her Janis Joplin rasp and her rough edge.
Might see Danny and Kris both slide back a little, do you think?

Here we go!
There's been an accident on the set, so the contestants haven't had a proper dress rehearsal.
Will that matter? Let's see...

Adam's up first.
Mentored by Slash, former Guns N' Roses guitarist and currently with Velvet Revolver, Adam's slicing up the stage with his version of a Led Zepplin classic.
The look, the vocals, the hair, the wardrobe...fantastic.
I'm not a rock baby, don't own a rock record in my collection at all, so this is totally not my genre.
Still and all, I can hear and deeply appreciate the crystal-clear tones in Adam's voice, whether at the top of his range or in the basement of his lower register.
Stellar vocals, baby. Stellar.
He's SO damn good and should win this one, hands down.

Allison takes on a Janis Joplin classic, Crybaby.
I think she's headed home tonight, based on that performance.
All I heard was Crybaby, Crybaby, Crybaby.
No variation in her vocals.
At all.

The duet with Kris and Danny.
What was that?
I thought this was rock week.
Song choice, song choice.
Too bad, because I think they blew this one chance right out of the water.

Kris has the stage...he's choosing The Beatles.
Waffling back and forth between a few songs.
Finally, chooses to sing Come Together.
Slash tells him he needs to move his butt around the stage more.
So, tell me this a rock song?
I don't hear it that way.
Too soft, no rippin' vocals, no fingernails-on-the-blackboard sound.
He'd be my second choice for going home money.
Actually, he might be the one to go and Allison might grab another breather next week.

And, Danny's last on stage.
I think he just dumped his last chance to win.
I think he'll be back next week, but this week's performance was dreadful.
I'm a huge fan.
It was dreadful, still.

Adam and Allison's duet should wrap this evening up quite nicely.
They are perfection together.
Simon's right. Adam may have given Allison enough legs to stay one more week.
A great paring, with sweet matching vocals.

So, until tomorrow.
See you in the Idol dugout!

"I would put my money on Adam and Danny.
It is going to be Adam and somebody.
I would like to see Adam and Danny because I think they are the best two singers, and at the end of the day that is what should happen."
~ Simon Cowell

Photo credit - American Idol

May 6, 2009

Americal Idol...Top Three of Season 8...

Tons of votes, millions of phone calls and text messages.
Four young kids, in their teens and twenties.
What an amazing thing, huh?

Lay bets on who goes home?
I'm not sure, yet.
My intuition tells me it's Allison.
The raggy ending to his song last night tells me it might be Danny.

But, first, Miss Paula is laying out her new single!
Very cool.
I like listening to her, a good voice and a cool persona when she performs.
Great dancer, uber-cool moves...I wish I could move like that!
Love the song!

Gwen Stefani and her band hit it!
Nice one, "I'm Just a Girl."
What a girl! Tough, gutsy and fit!
Back on tour, new album coming from the tour.
She's one of my favorite new-line performers, hands down.

Kris is safe, looks stunned.
I think he thought he was going home.
Gotta say I also thought that last night, but after pondering it a little today, I did see him staying and Allison going home.

Chris Daughtry is back...I was so disappointed when he was dumped way too soon that season.
I'm so happy for him that he hit the big time and has some really credible hits to his name.
Proves that you don't have to be the Americal Idol to have a great career!
With a new album to debut here on the Idol stage, Chris really is the bomb, as Randy says.

Next person safe is Adam.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I believed he'd make it, but a little niggly voice kept whispering...
There are no words.

And, now Danny?
He's safe!
That rocks, simply rocks!

And, so it's Allison who is going home.
Good choice. I think she has some growing up to do...more maturing, you know.
She really does have a stellar voice.
At this age, she sings with such maturity.
What will she do with a few more years under her belt? I can hardly wait!

This will be a superb finale, I think!

"I can't think of one person who is on TV who isn't vain.
It's the nature of the beast.
If you are on TV then you have a vanity, for sure.
Just admit it! Why not?"
~ Simon Cowell

May 12, 2009

American Idol...Top Three...

American Idol's 300th show.
First, the judges' selection for each contestant...let's see what they choose.

Paula's choice for Danny is Dance Little Sister by Terence Trent D'Arby.
...and, Danny's back, for sure!
The Danny I just heard is the Danny I liked listening to when he auditioned.
I think he does a fantastic job of this piece.

Kara and Randy's choice for Kris is Apologize by One Republic.
I love this song.
Let's see what he does with it.
Nice piano, soft vocals, good high notes!
Very well done.
I think he truly deserves to be in the Top 3.

Simon selects for Adam.
That's the perfect person choosing for the perfect person!
Perfect match-up.
Simon received special permission from Bono to use their song, One by U2.
's all I have to say about his performance.
I am in tears at the end.

Now, for the contestant's own choices..
Danny decides to perform You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker.
Gorgeous vocals, ending with clear crystal high notes.
A little bit blues-y, a little bit of an old-fashioned Cocker-sound.
Quite a good choice for his raspy vocals!
Sexy voice, great range.

Kris chooses Heartless by Kanye West.
An unknown piece to me.
Lets see what he does with this one.
I tell ya, he really rips this one off the stage!
Clear vocals and no orchestra.

And, finally...Adam picks Aerosmith's Cryin'
Oh, my.
Steven Tyler, move on over.
Adam Lambert's here, babe!
He's arrived and he's smokin' hot!
This young man can write his own ticket.
Reminds me of the early days of Elvis, when we were all in awe.
I truly am in awe, Adam.
See you at the top!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
~Jimi Hendrix, Adam's favorite quote

May 13, 2009

American Idol...Top 2...

So, it's down to the top 2...
Quoting Danny, " I just want it to be over! No more commercials..."
Must be agonizing at this stage of the game, don't you think?

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
The top 2 going forward to the finals are...

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

Surprise, surprise.
Not my top 2, by a long shot.
This is wrong, in my opinion.
Very wrong.
Danny has been consistent throughout the entire season. Memorable!
Kris has been spotty, at best. Forgettable. is what it is.

Danny's final version of "Beautiful" is transcendent.
I look forward to his first album. I'm buying!
See you at the top!

"Sometimes the right thing happens, and the world celebrates with joy.
Sometimes it doesn't, and a different thing happens.
In that case, we should celebrate just as fully.
Sometimes, one man's choice is another man's pain."

May 19, 2009

American Idol...This Is It!

Photo credit - American Idol

So it all comes down to this.
It's all finished but the shooting, as they say in the wild, wild west.

Adam vs Kris.
No matter who wins, they both win in so many different ways.
A year ago, none of us had heard of either Adam or Kris.
Today, there are very few people in this corner of the globe who don't know who they are.

Adam is the best example of a true born-to-be-a-rock-star I've seen in a long time.
I'd know his voice anywhere, and that recognizability will pay off in spades for him in his career.
From the depths of his lower range to the highest note of his crystal clear falsetto, he nails them all.
He reminds me of the first days of Elvis.
He has the same sincere, well-mannered, almost shy nature off stage...and then moves into overdrive and kicks major ass with everything he sings, once he steps into the spotlight.
I feel like I'm watching a new phenomenon, every time Adam sings.
This'll be a joy to watch his career take off!

Kris is the gentle soul who plays a stellar piano and can raise his vocals to some pretty beautiful notes.
His blues-y R & B style is definitely strong and it's soothing to hear his voice ripple over the notes.
Very emotionally connected with his music.
I think he's out of his league here, though. Still think Danny should have been in the final. It would have made for a better competition

So, for tonight...
Adam reprises Mad World, which he slayed totally during the season.
Dry ice and long coat aside, this is an amazing performance that I'd buy in a Hollywood heartbeat.
Personally, I love theatrics, so dry ice and long coat are standouts for me and I love the whole look and feel of this performance.
Niiiice, Mr. Lambert.
Very nice.
Let me know when you've recorded this, where I can buy it...and, I'm so there!

Kris sits at the piano, takes his turn with his first song,
Nice version, this is what he does best.
Soft, subtle vocal shading and a fine pianist, to boot.
I think this is one of the best performances that he's given since the beginning of this season.
Truly, he was forgettable from the get-go back then, but he's not so forgettable now.

Adam wins the first round, by a California mile.

Change is Gonna Come, chosen by Simon Fuller, the brains behind American Idol, is Adam's next piece.
Adam blew it out of the window!
I could not breathe by the time he was in the middle of this incredible piece of music.
R & B song, and his interpretation was killer.
Nothing can touch this man when it comes to turning listeners into believers.

What's Goin' On? is Simon Fuller's choice for Kris and he sings it with his guitar and a small backup group.
Nothing fancy-schmancy, just good old-fashioned soul singing.
A bit of a bore for me, though.
The problem for me is that this is all he can sing.
That's really not an issue for people who like to listen to one vocal style.
But for this night, the finale...I think it was cream puff stuff.

Adam wins the second round, hands down.
Stunningly, Adam.

Adam takes on Kara's newly written song, No Boundaries, which the winner will record after this season ends.
Ok, truth time.
For me, the song was a little trite.
I agree with Simon...mountains and waterfalls...who knew?
Bet Adam had more than a little trouble making that one believable.
He really wrapped it around his little finger, though.
A great interpretation, used his high notes and his depth of tone as much as anyone could with the material he was given.
Good on ya, Adam! You sang it like you actually believed it, and that gets you a 10 in my books.

Kris performs the same song.
At the beginning, I heard a few little off-notes.
In the middle, again a few notes that were sour for me.
And, again at the end...I think the song is just way too big for him, really.
Sorta like a guy singing at karaoke night for me.

Adam takes the third round.
Adam in a knock-out.
That's the competition in a nutshell.

Stay tuned for the results tomorrow night!

Photo Credit - converse_chic93

May 20, 2009

Americal Idol...And the Winner Is....



Adam or Kris?
Kris or Adam?
Idol's been running a Twitter tally all day.
They predict Adam as American Idol 2009.
Depends who you talk to, depends what column you read.

I raced home from the city tonight to catch the late night edition of the show, so even though the rest of the world knows who won tonight...I don't!
And, I'm not gonna cheat and look online.
So, here it is.
Random thoughts and impressions, late at night after a 3 hour drive home to see this...

100,000,000 votes.
624,000,000 total votes for the season.
That's the most ever.

This is a great show for me, overflowing with excellent talent this year.
I had a hard time picking out my top 10. I started with 19 and then whittled it down from there.
Of course, my top 10 didn't match American Idol Top 10, quelle surprise!

Here are a few of my favorite finale moments.

Is this Katy Holmes Cruise and perhaps...Suri? This is a little shot from last night's semi-final...


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May 29, 2009

Adam Lambert...The Boy Who Fell Mysteriously and Magically to Earth...

Adam makes the audition in San Francisco!
Photo credit - American Idol

Screen cap photo credit - BGE - at the finale

I've not blogged for quite a few days.
There were a few days when I was way too swamped at work, leaving me no energy for blogging.
Then, the stupidity began and I found myself simply too cranky to blog.

Here's what happened...
From the trade rags that pander to this stuff right up to the elevated status of a Barbara Walters, people began speculating about the lifestyle of our stunningly-gifted American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert. What started as a little whispered comment here and there turned into a barrage of questions and comments from people who should know better...Barbara Walters, Kara DioGuardi, Ryan Seacrest and a stable of lesser luminaries, all obviously feeling they have the right to question and make comments about Adam's life.

It reminds me way too much of being in Jr. High, where the bitchy-but-popular kids gossiped about their victim-of-the-day. Talking behind someone's back has never been a favorite tactic of mine, and this chatter about Adam smacks of that mean, nasty technique, more than just a little.

So, it pissed me off and I spent the last few days wishing for some peace on earth and a load of kindness toward all mankind and womankind, rather than the nasty underbelly of the beast that's been exposed, all because a young man decided to enter a singing competition.

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June 6, 2009

The Patterns From Sound...

The patterns made in sand by various levels of this!
I wonder what would happen if Adam sang while this was working. Can you imagine how he'd blow the sand off the board?

At what point are you not able to hear the sound anymore?
When is the pitch too high for human ears?
For your ears?

When this video is over, check out the other videos shown at the bottom of the screen. Very cool!

"Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak.” ~ Unknown

June 7, 2009

Adam Lambert CAN sing the Phone Book....


If you've wonder about Adam's vocal range, check this out!
3 octaves, and a 21 second note hold at the very end of the video.
Amazing, totally.

If this is something you've never wondered about, watch this anyway, just to see how truly amazing this guy really is!

It is a very cool process to identify his chest and head voices, as well as that soaring head falsetto that we love!

Idol Ranges gives you a song by song breakdown of his highest and lowest notes during his Idol's performances.

Short version...
Overall lowest : C#3/Db3
Overall highest : A#5/Bb5
Overall range : 16 ½ steps


Rosanne Simunovic, vocal teacher for the Idol MasterClass has some great insights into Adam's voice and a few good pieces of advice. Seems to me he listened to her and did exactly what she recommended!

Good technical information! I love how much detail goes into perfecting a voice like Adam's...taking the natural ability and refining it until it is as close to perfect as can be.

A nice follow-up to Americal Idol...Adam has been awarded Young Hollywood Artist of the Year! Kara is presenting the award to him tonight, and you can see the highlights on Entertainment Tonight on Monday, June 8th.
Wow! Not bad for coming in second!

"I feel you will be an unstoppable force in this show, as you are like a chameleon and wear a coat of many colors in your singing style.
A true Cabaret Idol!
How I have been waiting for this day!"
~ Rosanne Simunovic

All photos - BGE screencap oil format

June 9, 2009

AdamAdam...Finds His Self-Confidence...

Adam, emotion on his face, while listening to the judges' comments after singing Black and White on Idol
Photo credit - BGE Screencap

The LA Times article by Ann Powers about Adam Lambert's Rolling Stone interview made me think, and that's always a good thing.
I spent some time writing a comment from my heart in response to her well-written piece. I'd like to share it with you...

Thank you so much for such a fabulously-crafted article!
I'm of the "Who cares?" camp, but after thinking about it over the last few days and after reading the excerpts from Adam's interview with Rolling Stone, I realize rather shamefully that my saying, "Who cares?" is a very disrespectful way of dismissing his coming out as not important.
I couldn't be more IS important!

Obviously, it is, considering the age we live in, when it still matters to some who a person loves and what their gender preference in a relationship is. As long as this still matters, as long as it still causes a flurry of sentiments both pro and con, then there is definitely still work to be done.

So, you taught me a very important lesson today, Ann.

More strikingly, Adam Lambert, you've taught me a very important life lesson with your incredible courage and your intelligent and deeply thoughtful interview. What I learned from you is long as there is one soul in this world who feels the need, and believes they have the right, to judge someone else for the life they lead and the people they love, that means there is bias and prejudice that needs to be addressed.

That is troublesome to me.
It makes my heart hurt.
A lot.
It causes me to go back to the basics of showing kindness to your neighbour and giving unconditional love to your fellow human being. When we have evolved to that nirvana where all of us are completely comfortable with the highest degree of kindness and love that we shower down upon each other, then and only then will I have the right to say, "Who cares?" because then and only then, will it truly not matter.

Game on, Adamski, game on!
I'm immensely proud of you...the boy who fell magically and mysteriously to Earth.

"I've finally checked in to my self-worth for the first time in my life, and the fact that it has coincided with 'Idol' is so sweet.
I mean, I still have moments where I think, 'Oh, my skin is terrible, and I'm a little fat, I should really go to the gym more.'
But for the most part, when I look in the mirror now, I finally see someone who can do something cool."
~ Adam

Adam and Kara, after the Young Hollywood Artist of the Year award presentation
Photo credit YHA

June 13, 2009

AdamAdam...Truthteller Extraordinaire...

Photo credit - YH Awards

There's a lot of discussion on the various fan sites and discussion boards lately about Adam Lambert's interview for Rolling Stone...people feeling that he spoke too bluntly and said too much for their comfort.
Oh, my goodness, people!
Relax, chill out and get over it, already.
Take a few deep breaths and remember...this is just a guy who likes to sing.
He sings pretty damned good, I'll admit, but still and all, he's a very gifted man working his way up in the world of rock 'n roll, not the head of state of a powerful country.
That's not to diminish Adam, in any way, but merely to put this whole hoo-haw in some semblance of perspective.

Photo credit - YH Awards

Here’s the thing…
Adam’s a 27 year old healthy-as-hell red-blooded guy who tells it like it is and some folks don’t like that, finding it too much to absorb, finding it a little outside of their comfort zone.
I respect that.

I also very much respect Adam for having the brass balls to stand up, speak out and lay it on the line. “Here’s who I am, here’s what I do and here’s how I live.” Now, there are no corners of his life left for the paps to dig into, looking for some schlock-shock to print to get the ratings. It deftly disarms those distasteful people who make their dubious living by trafficking in the private lives of celebrities. That takes a tremendous amount of courage and self-confidence, and he’s got both of those in spades. I found it hilarious, thinking about the gossip columnists reading the article and saying, “Aw, crap! There’s nothing left for us to write about, now! How dare he?”

I think that most people’s life stories would have a little or a lot of shock value, if we were each to tell all. So, making judgments about Adam’s life and his very open truth-telling seems insensitive to me. I truly don’t know anyone who has lived a snowflake-white life, from beginning to end. Any of the people in my world could lay their life on the table and it would rival Adam’s in many ways.

Adam is a unique and gifted human being, and he has the enviable ability to speak completely unfiltered, from the heart. That is a trait that I admire and respect, so I am delighted that he has the intestinal fortitude to open up like he does. More people could take a page from his book, and the world would be a better place if there were more candor and less secretive behaviour.

He’s such a cool guy with such an intensely-warped sense of humour, and he has the rare gift of being able to laugh at himself. I wish him nothing but the sun and stars all wrapped up in a moonbeam.
Game on, my boy, game on!
The boy who fell magically and mysteriously to Earth…

"I feel like everyone has an opinion of me, and I want a chance to say, 'Well, do you want to hear how I really feel about all this?'"
~ Adam, of course

One of my favorite images of idea where this one came from, tho'...

July 5, 2009

AdamAdam...Stellar Performance in Portland Tonight, Dawg...

Adam...jacket by Skingraft...image by idoltourbenches

The American Idol tour kicked off in Portland this evening.
I was there.

Well, actually, I was home in my 'jammies, sick as hell with a flu of some kind.
But, thanks to the esthers of the internet universe, I was linked with's cellcast, so I heard the concert on my laptop, along with 3800 other Twitter fans. The audio was a little crackly and broken up, at times, but I actually listened to the entire concert.

I then went to Idol Forums, signed on to their Adam Lambert topic and spent the next couple of hours talking about the concert with a few hundred fans online, while we listened to the distorted audio of the cellcast.

So, did I actually GO to the concert in Portland? Not physically.
But, for all intents and purposes, I was right there with my blue Glo-stik and my glam-eyes done to a T.

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July 6, 2009

AdamAdam...Portland Concert, Long Story Short..


Finally, there are Youtubes to burn of the Idol tour in Portland last night!
I've scanned through a stack of 'em and picked out the best of each song that Adam laid out for us last night. It's not the arena in Portland, but if you peel the lid from a cool one, put your feet up and press play, you can pretend you're at the real thing! Enlarge the video screen even...makes it more enjoyable.

One thing?
I think this boy's taken himself some choreography classes!
He's movin' it fine!

Sit down, take a deep breath and watch the show...even tho' the audio quality is spotty in places...
Not bad, considering no one was to be bringing cameras into the arena!

Whole Lotta Love...


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July 12, 2009

AdamAdam...Tacoma Concert, From My Sofa...


Can you believe that I spent another night in's cellcast?
That's where I was a few days ago, along with a roomful of Glamberts, a few Matt Giraud lovers, a handful of girls4gokey and several Krisfans.

Great sound...the Blackberry Pearl was actually holding out, although we'd been warned that the battery might die.
All Allison, all Adam, as much of Kris as the battery will allow.

30 minutes later...
There was no sound, and no Adam.
No free concert via cellcast.
The vagaries of the esthers in the internet universe.

So, here are a few vids to tide you over, if you've been waiting for an Adam-fix.
Don't forget to doubleclick on the video, and that will take you to Youtube where you can click on the little window at the top right corner of the video and see this in full screen.

This opener for his set is Whole Lotta Love...hotter than a pepper sprout!



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July 19, 2009

AdamAdam...Stay Safe, Stay Strong...

Top 10 Finale ~ Los Angeles Staples Center ~ photo credit - Just Jared

A while back I wrote an emotional piece on this blog about the need to speak up and stand tall for Adam Lambert and his decision to talk openly and freely about his sexuality. At the time, I initially felt like it was completely irrelevant, that there was no need for him to feel like he had to talk about his life with anyone. I think I said something cavalier like, "Who cares?" What I meant was that I saw no reason in this 21st century for a person to be put in a position of explaining his or her life to anyone.

I also wrote about my own realization that as long as there is one person in the world who doesn't understand the basic human right of freedom to live one's life without criticism and judgment, then it is important for everyone to care for and to speak up in support of that person.

Fast forward to today.
I just learned that a small but vocal group of church-goers has published an incredibly offensive, viciously-worded brochure attacking the American Idols as a group and Adam Lambert as a fellow human being. I read the obscenely-worded handout that this group of so-called "Christians" has been distributing, and I was sickened to realize that there still are pockets of such ignorance and shocking narrowmindedness existing in my corner of the world.

Thank God for the intelligence and kindness of Adam's fellow Idols, because they have closed ranks around him, circled the wagons, so to speak. Michael Sarver, who finished in the Top 10, is a married father of two from Texas.
He writes on his Twitter page about the relationship between the ten Idols in the show, "We are together in this thing. You mess with one, you mess with all ten. We are strong and we are 1."

A few hours later, he writes, "Funny how people think it's a good idea to mess with a big Texan and his AI family. Lol! Adam is just fine, shakes it off and so should we."

I know that they are protected and kept safe.
I know that they have each other's backs and are supportive and loving with each other like a true family.
What I don't know is what the hell makes people think they have the right to attack some young kids who are doing nothing other than making music together for our benefit.

It's just music, people!
These amazing human beings are simply making music, not selling illegal drugs or smuggling weapons of mass destruction.
Where's the harm in this, I ask you?
They're singing their way across the continent, entertaining tens of thousands of people, putting on a show for fans from eight to eighty.
They're giving so much time and energy to give back to their fans that they are exhausted and running on fumes some days.

So, rather than organizing a string of protests, making picket signs and hurling obscenities across the Universe at these ten Idol winners, it seems to me that a much more productive and much less toxic way to change the world might be to feed the hungry, house the homeless and strengthen and support the weak.

The Idols are singing their way from city to city. Yet, at the same time. they are dealing with the same pressures and pain that we all deal with in our lives...the death of a beloved grandmother, a violent case of food poisoning, being away from a wife and 2 tiny children...everyday things for everyday people.

I wish for one thing...that those protestors learn how to channel their abundant energy towards a more productive cause, one that heals the world and not one that causes more pain than already exists. I know that I'm blowing air up a dead dog's butt in wishing for this...I know that nothing changes that type of mentality.

Here's the only thing I can offer to the Idols favorite Irish blessing...

May those that love us, love us.
And those that don't love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping.

"God was just showing off when he made Adam Lambert!"
~ Source unknown

Top 10 Finale - Tacoma concert - photo credit unknown

July 22, 2009

AdamAdam...I...I Just Love You, Too...

Well, this'll bring tears to your eyes...
Adam recorded this exquisite song for a friend of his, figure skater Nick LaRoche. Originally recorded by Five for Fighting, Nick wasn't crazy about the arrangement. He talked to Adam about it, and Adam offered to record the song for Nick.

Here is a video version of Adam's recording...and you can read the story of their collaboration right here.

Here's Nick skating to Adam's version of I Just Love You...

Lonely, yeah that's the word
I leave my heart when I leave her
The days go on forever and the nights do too

One evening out on the road
A half a world away from home,
I thought she was sleeping
When the call came through...

I said, 'Darling, it's late, is everything ok?'
Silence took over the room,
Til she said,

'I... I just love you
I don't know why, I just do.
When are you coming home?'

'I'm coming home soon
And I just love you too.'

Five For Fighting - I Just Love You lyrics


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