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I’m an Arab American born to, and raised by, Palestinian parents. I am married to my wonderful husband, Bill, since June 2008. Our life revolves around traveling; we do a lot of moving around for a living. We are both travel hospital lab technologists, who do 3-6 month contracts in different parts of the country, and we love it. One day, we will settle down!

I am still in the process of discovering myself and my passions. I love travel and Italy. I enjoy reading, cooking, ballroom dancing, quilting, hiking (anything outdoors, really), and horseback riding. Horses are a big passion of mine, and I dream of owning my own horse one day.

I love my life, and enjoy talking about it. So please come in, and welcome to Candi’s Corner.

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Your blog is looking great! I have it on my watch list!

I LOVE your header photo! Where is that? It's beautiful.

Thanks Nancy.

Annie, the photo is of Florence from the top of the duomo.

Barb Cabot:

Hi Candi, this is the first time I'm dropping by. I love seeing your picture and reading a little about you. You have a lovely blog and I will be following your entries.

Thanks Barb, I enjoy reading your blog too.

katie :

hey candi my mum asked me to book her a trip to thailand n yours sounds great. if you dont mind me asking roughly how much did it cost?


Thanks for stopping by.We are mainly budget travelers,stay in modest hotels,eat at modest restaurants,etc.
Thailand is the most affordable country I've been to. I will e-mail you my estimate.

Candi - it's great discovering your blog! You are the travel couple, wow my dream!

I'm wondering where do you get to travel the most, US or outside to other countries?


As far as the job goes, we only travel in the US, but we do international travel whenever we could and can afford for vacations and discovery.

Thanks for stopping by.

how incredible! Definitely would love to be traveling more as well. You are definitely lucky to be traveling as much as you do!

Thanks for responding. :)

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