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Cindy Ruth of Baked Alaska gave me a fabulous blog award yesterday! Thanks Cindy, very sweet of you. So, now I am to talk about five things that I think are fabulous, and give the award to five other blogs.

Five things that I think are absolutely fabulous are:

~Bill, my husband. Very thoughtful, sweet and funny. Fabulous!


~Living on Maui with Bill, fabulous times two. We have been enjoying the beauties that Maui has to offer. From beautiful beaches, to rugged trails,Fabulous!


~Fresh fish,seafood, sushi and Poke are my favorite meals, and there is no shortage of these on the island, Fabulous!


~The views from our condo in Maalaea; Haleakala and Molokini are Fabulous!


~These pair of shoes, with a black cocktail dress are Fabulous!


And my Fab-u-lous blog awards go to:

Sandra of A journey of 1000 miles

girasoli of Shave ice and gelato..

Maria of My place in the sun

Annie of Churches in Venice

Kathy of Trekcapri's blog.

This is fabulous. Thanks Cindy Ruth.

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barb cabot:

Candi, You deserve this award. Your blog and the way you've jumped in and become a wonderful part of all our lives is Fabulous!
I love your choices. W0W what a view from your condo. You are in Paradise.

Love the shoes! They are fabulous!

Barb, thanks for your kind words.

Cindy, I've worn these shoes once for a New Year's gala, well they hurt my feet so much, so I decided to take a photo of them, out them back in a box, and they are stored somewhere.

Candi, thank you! I love your fabulous blog and your list of fabulous things in your life. They are all, well... fabulous! I'll do my entry as soon as I can kick my fabulous hubby off the computer where keep all my pictures. :)


Why do the most gorgeous shoes hurt?
But they ARE Fabulous! Great Blog!

Lots of fabulous stuff - love the shoes! What is Poke, by the way?


Candi, thanks so much for adding me to your fabulous list. I'll have to find some fab photos of my own.

In the meantime, I just have to say that your hubby, condo and shoes all look utterly fabulous!

Candi, great post! I love seeing your five things. Those shoes are truly fab...why don't they make comfort shoes that look like that?!? And thanks so much for the award!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Candi, wow what a fabulous feeling! You are very deserving of a fabulous blog award!

You have a fabulous list and great photos! It looks like you and your fabulous husband enjoy sailing! Cool. I love that view from your condo! You are so lucky to live that close to the beach and on a beautiful place like Maui to boot! I didn't know you like sushi and poke. And those shoes are so cute.

And now I'll start to work on my fabulous post! Thank you so much Candi! Have a great evening!

Maria, can't wait to see your fabulous list!

Palma, thanks. I guess you have to pay for looking fabulous by hurting your feet.

Chiocciola, Poke is a delicious Hawaiian snack of bite-sized pieces of raw, fresh fish mixed with seaweed and other herbs. My favorite is Ahi(tuba) Poke, for me, it is one of the highlights of living on Maui, you can get it from the grocery store and it is delicious.

Sandra, you do have a fabulous blog:)

Annie, if you even find fabulous shoes that don't hurt your feet, please let me know, I've tried, they don't make them.

Kathy, I LOVE sushi, if it was not so expensive, I could eat it everyday. I though I'll try to learn how to make it, but I don't think it is possible.
And yes, Bill loves sailing, I love tagging along. He took some sailing lessons while spending couple summer is Delaware. I think he is pretty good. Our dream is to sail around the Mediterranean when we retire, or win the lottery.

Candi-I took a class on sushi-making here, and it was fun. My husband doesn't like to eat raw fish, so unfortunately I only made it once after the class so not sure if I'd remember how. It was a little challenging, but in a fun way. And a lot cheaper than eating it out.

A lovely blog award and HOT shoes, as well? You're double-blessed, girl!

Cindy, I should try out something like that, I've never heard of any classes around here. I'll check into it though, thanks for the tip.

Brenda, thank you.

I bought a sushi kit with a book and taught myself. My rolls weren't perfect (kind of lopsided)but they tasted good! I'd love to try poke!

Sushi kit, I've never heard of that. I'll investigate it, it would be very cool if I can make sushi.


Those are fab-u-lous pictures! Love the shoes, especially since I have given up wearing those babies with the heels a long time ago now.

Thanks, Poke sounds delicious! Wonder if it is available anywhere here on the east coast...

Marcia, I don't wear them that often either:)

Chiocciola, I've never seen Poke anywhere else but Hawaii. If you do find it,though, please let me know.

Thank you so much for adding me also to your fabulous list. Sorry to late to the party. Great list of fabulous things. Fresh fish,seafood, sushi and Poke...YUMMY!!

Sushi is not that hard to make. I would think some local person at work could show you. Poke though is a little more complicated. I often buy myself a treat of a little tub of poke at the grocery store. I love that it is always available.

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