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Guess Where in the World: Part One

I've been following this blog called Blog From Italy for a while now. And every once in a while, the blog owner Alex posts a photo from Italy with a "Guess Where in Italy" post. I enjoy these posts and thought they would make great quick posts for March Madness on these busy days (like today). But since I want to share photos from other places, I thought the post would be "Guess Where in the World" did I take this photo. To kick it off, I am sharing a photo from my beloved Italy. Can you guess the name of the city, piazza and building where I took this photo? I suspect it is easy for many if not most.



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Since I spent 5 weeks (over two summers) in this place, I won't give it away. Beautiful shots! One of my favorite places to hang out and a very cool tower to climb!

Oh. Gawd! I KNOW I've been there --- let me think (drumming fingers on the desk) (banging head on the desk) --- I'll need to get back on this one - In my crazy memory of what I DO remember - smoking a cigarette while watching a band play in this piazza.....later, M

Fun! This is something I think I know but I'm drawing a blank. Will come back if it pops in my head.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Candi, ooooh I know this one. Is it Siena, Piazza del Campo, just can't remember the church's name though. But that's torre Mangia. :) Cool photos. I loved Siena. Stayed for 4 days back in 2005 and I'd love to go back. Have a great day.

Barb Cabot:

I'm guessing Piazza del Campo Sienna.

Quick guess while I'm supposed to be doing my French homework online: the campo in Siena. Don't know the name of the tower or the building.

Happy Wednesday!


Beautiful photos Candi, from Florence of the Palazzo Vecchio on the Piazza della Signoria. You must have been high up on a building to take that first shot!

Siena, piazza del campo;

Ooh.... I know... I know... Did you climb to the top also? We did. You had a wonderfully blue day - ours was a hazy fall day - but still wonderful to look out over the rooftops of Siena from the Torre del Mangia overlooking the Piazza del Campo.


I have no clue where it is but it looks lovely!

Yes, these photos were taken in Siena, of Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia in Piazza del Campo.

Great job Kathy, Barb, Angie and Marta.

Girasoli, I would LOVE to spend five weeks around Siena, we only spent three days in a neighboring town.

Men. and Annie: I know the feeling, I have many moments when I recognize people and things and my mind just can't place them.

Sandra, I have to go look see if I can find any photos of Palazzo Vecchio.

Eden, Siena is very lovely.

Marta, we did have clear skies and nice weather, although a bit hot in June.

I LOVE that tower. The view from the top is brilliant. Next time we clamber up though we will make sure we don't arrive at the top at the same time as the bells start to gong - our ears were ringing for days! *smile*


Yay, I got it right, although too late to *enter* the contest! I loved Siena, although haven't climbed the tower (yet!!)

Excellent idea, I must do some *guess where?* entries myself. :)


I am mortified! I must have Florence on the brain because that's all I thought of. too bad -- I love Siena and would love to return!

Excellent quiz, Candi!

Ahhhh~ this takes me back to a class of vino on a sunny afternoon, sitting with that very view.
A Friday favorite ♥

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