June 7, 2009

Current Blog Link---Summer 2009


I am currently using the blog...link above to plan our trip to the British Isles for the summer of 2009.

It is easy for me to post photos on there without resizing them so I will be blogging on this trip at the address above.

October 27, 2008

Some of the photos from the Canon SLR camera follow this post...


Piazza Navona...artists selling their paintings.

October 21, 2008

A Few Photos Taken With the Canon Rebel-SLR of Our Trip to Italy 2008

Off to Milan


We Stopped Our Ferry Ride to Have Lunch in Mennagio


Mennagio was a pretty little town with the meanest Ferry Woman you've ever met. She yelled at the the British couple in front of me and then gave me the same treatment.

I explained to her that this was my first time EVER taking the ferries on Lake Como. With her help we ended up on the wrong one...went to Varrena and then had to change to the Bellagio ferry, after all.

Sights From the Ferry On Lake Como


Sights From the Ferry On Our Way to Lenno


Bellagio Waterfront


Looking Down on Piazza Mazzini in Bellagio From the Rooftop Terrace of Hotel Metropole


Bellagio-Looking Down at the Car Ferry From Our Balcony


Stairs Everywhere


Fruit Markets In Hill Towns


Countdown to Italy 2008

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