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Traveling in the fast lane

On Slow Talk, Kaydee posted this interesting topic: "Thinking about future trips-- somewhere new or somewhere familiar?" She described a dilemma familiar to travelers: how to reconcile the desire to go to wonderful, familiar places, with the wish to see new areas? In my answer, I wrote about what draws me to Nicaragua time and time again. I can't stop going! I also wrote that a way of allowing new destinations (for me at least) is to take weekend trips and long weekends. I then listed all the places I have visited on weekend trips in the last year or so - and there were so many!! If we start in September of last year, I have been to Miami Beach, Charlottesville, skiing in Southwestern Virginia, Boston, Atlanta, Canaan Valley (West Virginia), New York City, and just last week, the California Central Coast.

Writing this, I realized that I have become a fast traveler!! Will I get kicked off Slow Travel? Then again, I will say that when I go on longer trips, I definitely stay in one place. To me, bliss is to stay at the same tiny place in Nicaragua for weeks and weeks, or spending a year in Bologna... So hopefully I can still call myself a Slow Traveler!


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