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July 24: Second day in Tromsø

Our second day in Norway started with a tasty breakfast buffet at the Clarion Hotel Bryggen - there were little meatballs and roasted potatoes! A winner! Then we took off for the Mack Brewery to tour the world's northernmost brewery. It was pretty interesting, even though I don't like beer I enjoyed learning about it. Although much of the brewery is closed to the public for hygiene reasons so we really saw more of the soda bottling part of the brewery. Interestingly, that is how they make their money - the brewery part does not make a profit. Interestingly, it is the only Coca Cola bottling plant where Coke allows them to use the local water unfiltered - quess the artic water is quite pure!

The tour including two pints of beer - I tried an organic beer that was supposed to taste like wine but really didn't like it... Another interesting fact: the brewery runs a beer hall but it closes at 5pm as they don't want to compete with other bars that sell their beer!

After the brewery we took a drive, we drove to an island called Sommarøy which is located about 60 kilometers outside of Tromsø. It was a gorgeous drive, we saw lots of beautiful beaches and it is funny to think that there are these nice sandy beaches but that the weather is freezing!


We had a nice seafood dinner at a restaurant way out there. We even sat outside for it, as the weather had cleared up from earlier that day. The drive back was very nice, we took a different way that was a little bit longer but just as pretty. And that day we were able to stay up late; we walked around, had a beer at a bar, and stayed out until about 1:30. It was totally bright!! By the time we returned to our comfy room we were really tired - especially since we had to get up by 9:30 to make breakfast...


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So wait - was that picture above taken at 1:30 am??

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