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The "Service" Industry

I am afraid that service leaves a lot to be desired here in Norway, whether it is in shops, restaurants, airplanes... Going out to eat should be a nice experience, not a battle to get what you pay for! (Especially at these prices...) Today I ate lunch with a group of colleages, I believe there were 10 of us. Most of us ordered pizza, including one colleague who asked the waiter if the pizza would be reasonably quick, as he had a meeting later on. The waiter assured him that we were the first table to order pizzas so there wouldn't be a hold up. Of course, my colleague ended up not getting his pizza... After waiting for over an hour, well after we all had our food, he just cancelled it (we had all given him pieces of our pizzas!) And this was his second experience just like that in this same restaurant. He complained to the waiter and he complained inside, but it doesn't seem to help - everyone has the same experience with this particular restaurants.

Unfortunately this was not an isolated case, many restaurants here have really bad service, and it really puts a damper on my mood! The same goes for stores, airplanes... Why is it so hard to give service? Seems like the rest of the world is quite capable of it!

End of rant! :)

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