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Freezing my butt off in September

Well, here in balmy Oslo, Norway, September means that we can oficially stop complaing about the cold summer, since it is fall, both technically and for real. Actually, I would say summer was over in mid-June this year. Yesterday, when it was still August, my sister was over and we huddled on the couch with a big comforter, it was really that cold! It has been 3-4 celcius in the morning this week. Brrrr!

Since I am only in Norway temporarily (hope to be back in the States in two months!) I rented a furnished apartment without having seen it myself (my sister went to see it.) In a way it is a good deal because I got to rent it for only five months, it is furnished, great neighbourhood etc. HOWEVER, I am freezing my behind off! It has three outer walls, tall ceilings, and only double-pane windows (triple-pane is the norm here) and there are very few heat sources. Most Norwegian homes use this flat panel heaters on the walls but this place doesn't have them, only a fireplace (with a huge crack), a very old space heater, and a portable oil heater.

And the only heat source in the bathroom is a towelheater, which doesn't heat much at all... Norwegians usually keep the bathroom very warm, often with heated tile floors, so that you have one really warm room where you can change clothes, etc. in addition to showers and such. Instead I have an icebox for a bathroom it seems. Getting up in the morning has gotten harder since my room gets very cold and then I don't have a toasty bathroom to escape to. It is only September 1 but I used both the space heater and the oil heater today... That makes me a little bit worried about what October will be like! I am already sleeping in pyjama pants so I guess when it gets colder I'll have to put a wool blanket on top of my comforter. At least my bed is not next to an outside wall!

Years of living in warmer climates have spoiled me... Turning the heat on September 1 just doesn't feel right!

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