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I have been sooo slow to post something about my trip to Belgium in September. As it was for work, I didn't have much free time but I did enjoy one very nice afternoon in Brugge as well as a day in Brussels. Brugge was very beautiful but to me seemed a little too perfect, almost! Everything was so clean and nice but I didn't find the town to be very bustling or energetic, and at night it was quite dead, something that locals confirmed was true. But we had some great meals with the group from work, and I had a lovely Italian dinner by myself in an Italian restaurant called La Romagna. It is run by a guy from Rimini and I had a great time chatting with him in Italian. He is the president of the local Inter Milan fan club so he goes to Milan all the time to watch the games! I thought that was really funny. Good thing Ryan Air takes him there for cheap!

In Brugge we stayed at the Crowne Plaza which I thought was excellent. The breakfast was great, lunch a little less so but that was OK because they had such great desserts!

In Brussels I stayed at the Warwick Barsley Hotel and it was quite nice. I got it for very cheap on hotels.com but I would never have payed full price to stay there, it was just too traditional and there really was nothing special to the room.

Brussels was beautiful and I enjoyed walking around the cobble stoned streets at night. The next day I shopped and sightseeinged before meeting friends for lunch. I quite liked my 24 hours in Brussels!



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