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I am in Mexico City!!

Sunday afternoon I left for Mexico City on a business trip. It is my second time in Mexico, but since my first trip was to Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, which is as touristy as it gets (although still better than Cancun!) I almost feel like it is my first real trip to Mexico. Unfortunately, I probably won’t have much time to explore the city, but since I am here for two weeks I do hope to see some stuff over the weekend.

I am staying at the Camino Real Santa Fe, in the business district of Santa Fe, which is also where the office is located. It seems like all the big foreign companies have offices here, so far I have seen signs for Ericsson, Nokia, DHL, and many others.

The weather yesterday was very pleasant, it was probably 65 or so during the day, but COLD at night! Thanks to the altitude, I guess, Santa Fe is one of the higher neighborhoods in the city, at 2650 meters (8700 feet.) I have to admit the altitude have affected me some, I got a headache just about an hour after arriving on Sunday and yesterday, especially in the morning, I felt slightly tipsy! I also noticed that any real activity , such as a fast walk or taking the stairs, made me a little winded and made my head hurt a little. I have been told to take it easy and drink lots of water, which is what I did. I guess it helps that I am doing research and working on a study, so I can just sit quietly in front of the computer all day!

Wednesday is the feast day of the Virgen de Guadalupe, Patron Saint of the Americas and of course extremely important here in Mexico. Laztimosamente, the office is open… :) But I have been told that even if we did have the day off it would probably be too difficult to get anywhere, the crowds and the traffic are just enormous on that day.

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