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Mexican Food is Good

The food here is AWESOME! I knew that what we eat in the rest of the world call Mexican food was not the real thing (the Santa Maria taco dinners favored by Norwegian families come to mind, or the overly cheesy, greaseladen plates of US Mexican restaurants) but I didn't really know how different it is. The food here is very tasty, and more often than not, not too complicated - and by that I don't mean that it can't be complicated to make, but that the flavors are allowed to speak for themselves.

I can think of nothing better than a piece of meat (arrachera, cecina, alhambre) in a tortilla, with just a little salsa and lime. Delicious! Or the amazing flavor of mole... Or a well-prepared flan... I know that Mexican cuicine is very regional and I hope to explore more of the country and thus more of the amazing food.

Below is a photo of what I ate at the company Christmas party. Riquissimo!


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