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These boots were made for walking – but these streets surely weren’t: Still in Mexico City

I no longer feel tipsy which is a good thing! I have been told that you do get drunk faster here, so I will watch myself tomorrow at the office Christmas party…

I got an idea of the vastness of Mexico City yesterday, when I went to meet a former colleague for dinner. The traffic is just as bad as its reputation. It took over 75 minutes to get to the restaurant – and only 15 minutes to go back later in the night. My other friend says that the distances and the traffic is one of the biggest differences in living here – in DC you can walk, take the metro, take a bus and meet someone on short notice. Here, meeting someone after work, unless they live very close by, is extremely difficult. I think the traffic here would really get to me, as the pedestrian that I am. It annoys me to no end that there is no concept of cars stopping for pedestrians – you really just have to wait until there are no cars! Guatemala City is like that too, but it is so much smaller it just doesn’t feel as bad. I could write a book of laments on how Mexican and Central American cities are turning into bad copies of horrible American non-cities… The car culture is completely taking over and there is so little consideration to pedestrians. It used to amaze me that World Bank road loans in Guatemala often lacked provisions for pedestrians and bikers – why are we subsidizing the rich and their cars, while hurting the poor and the environment at once, by not encouraging walking and biking? Why do we buy into the idea that progress and increased income means car ownership?

OK time to go to bed before I get too wound up!! I was all calm after tasty roomservice of tacos dorados and an on demand movie, Stomp the Yard – but now I got myself angry by writing about cars!

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Wow, didn't realize you were in Mexico! So is there no mass transportation either? Safe travels; hope you enjoy your time there.

Hi Kim,

There is indeed mass transit in Mexico City but where I am, in the business district, it is limited. Mexico City actually has Rapid Bus Transit and a metro, but the car is definitely king...

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