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I Love Yoga

When I get hooked on something, I tend to talk about it. A lot. So I am talking about my 5K quite a bit! I am also reading and writing on an online forum for newbie runners, which is a great inspiration. Oh, and I signed up for the Scope It Out Colon Cancer 5K! Yay! I am very much looking forward to that, and it fits very well with the nine-week Couch to 5K. (I know, I know, some people find it very strange that I need a full nine weeks to make it to 5K, but I think it seems smart to take it slow!)

Anyway, what I wanted to write about today was yoga. While I haven't been running much in my life, I have done yoga on a very regular basis since October 2005. I had tried a few classes before that, but when I joined a gym I started going pretty religiously, always two, and sometimes three, times a week. I just loved it. Some people feel that a gym is not the best place to do yoga, because of the drop-in nature of the classes, the atmosphere of the gym (might be noisy), and the fact that many people see it mainly as a way to work out, not a meditative practice. However, I thought the teachers were excellent and the rooms were nice as well - both above ground, with tall ceilings and lots of lights. And the noise was never a problem. Plus they had classes at times that I could make, such as later in the evening and on weekends.

The teachers were very good (I miss them!) and they taught me what I think is the most important lesson in yoga: you are were you are. Even if everyone else can do headstands and you can't touch your toes, that is quite alright. Yoga can be practiced by everybody, on every level, and that is what I love about it. I also think that if my first teachers had not been good about installing this tenent in me, I might have dropped out, since I am one of those people who still can't touch her toes! They were all excellent at making modifications and using props to allow everybody a fulfilling practice. It really annoys me when somebody tells me that I have to straighten my legs in down dog, or if they don't explain well. People of all levels can be in the same class as long as the teacher explains each step. Good explanations are key!!

Another favorite of mine is the "rule" that whenever you are tired, you can lay down in child's pose. Only you know your body and when you need to take a break.


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