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Baltimore rowhouses

I really really like rowhouses. Nice colorful houses with tree-lined streets; there is nothing better! DC has great rowhouses (I used to live in one of them) but Baltimore has some good ones too. In general they are a little more uniform than the ones in DC (where each house is usually painted in a different color) and many have the not-so-pretty Formstone, but there are some really great ones here as well. Over the weekend I took a lot of photos in Fells Point, Federal Hill, and Locus Point, and I will post some of them here.

Thames Street, Fells Point:

A detail of the middle house:

Also from Thames Street:

South Ann Street, Fells Point:

Also from South Ann Street:

Fleet Street, Fells Point:

Cross Street, Federal Hill:

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Great photos. They really give me a feel for the streets of Baltimore. This would be a great group topic - we could all post a few pics of our home town.

That is a great idea, Anne! We can post something about that in the blogging section on the forum.

Nice photos! I think I told you this on the message board, but my grandparents used to live in Baltimore, and I also used to go there every summer for business, so I've spent a lot of time there over the years.


I love Baltimore or B-more as we called it. You know the locals pronounce it Bawlmore.

How neat that several of you have a connection to Baltimore. Angie: yes, I quickly became aware of the pronounciation of the city's name! Some also say Bawldimore. And then there is Warsh-ington. And everythink...

I love the photos! I have been to Maryland as a child but never to Baltimore. After seeing your photos, I am going to put it on my list of places to visit.

It has been delightful reading your post on Baltimore. I live in Ct now but my family goes back several generations living in "Ballmor" Don't forget ~ us Marylanders also "worsh" our clothes!

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