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Fresh Air Is Always Good: Part Two


A corollary of the Fresh Air Is Always Good doctrine is that weather doesn't matter. Being outside is ALWAYS good for you. When I was in daycare/preschool, we spent half the day outside. Every day. Usually a few hours in the morning and a few in the afternoon. I disliked bad weather at an early age and really preferred being inside playing, but there was no mercy. Norwegian daycare is still like that. I see kids outside all day, all year. Most daycares will have a large outdoor area with lots of stuff to do.

This is a typical daycare facility:

And here are some kids I found online. The part that makes my friends laugh is that it is considered very convenient to line the kids up, all dressed in their heavy duty rain gear, and hose them off with the garden hose! They will be messy from playing in the mud (we have a lot of mud in Norway) so what better way to clean a lot of kids really fast??

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Poor things, a garden hose?


A garden hose? Wow, in today's litigeous (sp?) society I wonder how parents will take that! I can just hear it now...

That looks like fun. Thank goodness the entire world has not become as litigious as the US! LOL


What a great idea to hose off the kids - mine would absolutely love that!

My sister and I used to spend nearly every waking hour outside as children, we hated having to come in for bedtime...I don't know how I turned into the couch potato I am today!

Omigosh - Amy HAS to read this! As a preschool teacher in Boston, she might try to borrow the hose idea. ;)

I have hosed off my preschool kids' feet with their rubber slippers on but I am not sure what their parents would say if I hosed them off from head to toe. What an interesting concept1

They don't hose off their heads! :) Just from the shoulders down. While wearing full, heavy duty rain gear. Just to clarify!

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