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I am from Norway

A couple of people said they didn't know I was from Norway, so here is a breakdown of where I have lived:

Norway: 19 years (Oslo)
Panama: 2 years (David, Chiriqui; Panama City)
US: going on 8 (Athens, GA; Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD)
Italy: 1 (Bologna)
Nicaragua: On and off (Rivas)

Gotta go eat! My least favorite cuisine, Ethiopian... (Sorry...)

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Wow! That is so cool. I've never lived outside Canada (altho it's not too late!)

But now the nosy question: can you say which placed you loved the most?!

I somehow knew you were from Norway but did not know you lived in Bologna for a year.

How many languages do you speak?

What an interesting life.

That is cool that you've lived in so many places. I've never lived outside the west coast (CA and WA). How was Panama? I've been curious about the country. I also think it is cool that you spend time in Nicaragua.

Marta, Panama is awesome! It has similar nature experiences to Costa Rica, but less tourists. The people are super fun and very welcoming. It has a very Caribbean feel. They also have good roads and good buses.

Girasoli, I speak five languages (plus I took a class of American Sign Language but it is so hard! I wish I could add that to the list some day.)

So the five languages are Norwegian, English, Spanish, Italian and...???

I was watching Food Network this weekend and Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels was in Baltimore - some interesting sounding places (no Ethiopian mentioned though!).

Norwegian, English, Spanish, Italian and French - although French is the rustier of the bunch.

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