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If I Won the Lottery

Another February blogger, Kim of What I Really Think, had a great post this morning: If I Had a Million Dollars. I particularly enjoyed the fact that she had so carefully thought out what to do with the money and listed the items in nice bullets. So I got inspired to give this some thought myself - because who knows when I might get lots and lots of money! And I am going to assume, like Kim did, that the amount is over USD 200 million, to make sure that I can live off of it for the rest of my life if I want to, even if I spent a lot right away.

First I would call all my friends (I mean real friends, not the ones who would hit me up for money later!) and go to some really nice restaurant (Citronelle anyone?) to celebrate. Champagne all the way! (Although it doesn't have to be the really expensive stuff.)


For my family, I would get my sister a nice apartment in downtown Oslo (with a spare bedroom for myself, of course.) It would be centrally located, not flashy, but well renovated - and I would get to do the decorating. Then I would ask my mom if she wanted me to pay her mortgage or get her a new place. I am guessing she would want to keep her place, but maybe get a small summer house on the island where she grew up. Those are pricey, but worth it! (For a multi-millionaire, at least.) I would also take her on a great vacation. Turks and Caicos or Italy, I am thinking. For my dad, I would give him a new car and also a trip to Italy (he loves the hardware stores there, and pizza with prosciutto crudo!)

My boyfriend would get a new house with a basement and a bigger backyard, and a diesel Volkswagen Jetta. And a small boat, and a new bike. And tickets to ALL the games of the Football World Cup in South Africa! Oh, and a puppy - with a ten-year prepaid dogwalker, who would come twice a day to walk the dog! I would also put money away for my goddaughter, for whatever she would want and need.

As for charity, I would find some organization working in Nicaragua and fund their HIV/AIDS program. I would also support outreach for young mothers and all young women. Then I would give a lump sum to Doctors Without Borders. (I don't think I would donate to my college or graduate school, but if I did, I would like for it to be a dorm with my name on it!)

Then there is real estate. I would start with a cool place in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. Probably a two bedroom apartment, in a townhouse with tall ceilings and exposed bricks. Or maybe the whole house, I haven't decided. I would also invest in a vacation property in Italy, although I haven't decided where yet. I am thinking Puglia (Vieste), or a cute place in the Umbrian countryside, or a nice little apartment in a cool town. (Venice, Bologna, Parma, Cortona, and Rome are all candidates.) Then there is the beachfront property in Nicaragua, and potentially a vacation house somewhere within driving distance from Washington, DC. Or maybe just a sailboat in Annapolis?

In between the purchases (which I would space out to make it more fun) I would of course travel. First a quickie in Central America, just cause it is always fun. Then it is time for Africa. Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe (since this is a dream, Mugabe would be gone and people would have good lives there.) Since I would have a place in Italy, I would of course go there often. I am thinking I would split my time between DC and Nicaragua, with twice a year trips to Italy.

This got REALLY long but it feels good to have it done! Now I know I won't be lost when I win the lottery.

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I love the dorm room with your name on it! I would never have thought of that one :-)
Great ideas! I still am thinking about my list.

I'll be looking forward to reading your list, Girasole!


See - that's why we didn't opt to buy a place in Italy - we couldn't figure out where. We'll just rent in different locations every year for now. :)

Doctors without Borders - good charity - I definitely will need to set up some sort of foundation. I have friends in that business (a bunch who work for non-profits); I'll get them to run it for me. :)

Me too I love the dorm with your name on it. But if I did that it would have to be co-ed . i doubt that I would donate directly to my college but maybe set up a college fund for students that I could personally choose.

Fun to read and to think about! I need to put some more thought into this, but for sure, I would quit my job in a flash. I'd love to buy a bunch of land and have an animal sanctuary for old or unadoptable pets. I'd love to go back to school too - just for fun, not for career purposes.

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