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Our month of blogging is over!

It is February 29th and the end of our month of blogging! I am too tired to write anything today so I will just list the bloggers one more time. It was a lot of fun blogging with you all! Today I have moved, had my last day at my job, gone to a job interview, and driven three times between Baltmore and DC. With the flu. Time for bed!!

The idea came from Vagabond Artist, and here is a list of the participating blogs:

Jerry's Thoughts, Musings, and Rants!
There and Back Again...
Shave Ice & Gelato
Postcards from the Trail
Churches in Venice
Palmabella's Passions
Old Shoes - New Trip
Blond Momentos
What I really think - Kim's blog
A journey of a thousand miles begins with... too much luggage!

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Moving itself is hard enough, but also being sick on top of it. What a rough day. Get well soon!!!


Yay us!

Wow, what a busy time for you - take care and hope you are feeling better very soon. I'm sending healing wishes your way...


I just fixed my list with you on top. SORRY! I copy-pasted the list. I hope that you get a real nice job that you enjoy and can relax in bed with someone bringing you chicken soup.

So sorry to hear about the flu on top of everything else going on.

Hope you are feeling better and are able to rest, relax, and do as little as possible for a few days. Take care, Annie


Wow, it sounds like you've had a lot on your mind....this must have been a really stressful time for you! Hope the job interview went well and that you're feeling better.

Thanks for your kind comments! I will write something tomorrow, hopefully my head will be less foggy then.


I hope you're feeling better by now. keep us posted on the results of the job interview!

yes, I hope you are feeling better and I'm so excited about the good news you posted on the blogging board!


Well...it's March...where are you?
March Madness calls!
Ciao ciao,

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