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Still waiting for that runner's high...

I haven't written about my running since February 7 so I figured I'd give a little update. I finished Week 6 of my nine-week running program today. When I wrote just a little over two weeks ago, in the middle of Week 4, I was only running 5 minutes at the most - today I ran 25 minutes! It was tough but I did it. Last week I did 20 minutes for the first time and it actually felt good. This is from the girl who would do anything to get out of running in gym class... I don't thing I have ever run 25 minutes straight before! (Actually it was 26 minutes, I wanted to make it back to my starting point.) I think I will actually be OK with the 5K that I am signed up for on March 30. Pretty cool! I have three weeks left of the program and from now on it is all longer runs, 25, 28, and 30 minutes. As I said in my title, I don't feel that runner's high yet - according to my runner friend it is a wonderful feeling of positivity and joy after a run... Still waiting for that!

Not the most exciting blog post but it will have to do for today! It is late and I really want to watch a little bit of the Oscars before going to bed...

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Bravo! That is a real achievement. You must be building so much endurance (and muscles, and burning calories) You'll have no trouble at all completing a 5k.

That is fantastic!! You will be cruising through that 5k!


Bravo indeed! Don't forget to let us know how great you make out in the 5k when the time comes.

Thanks for your kind words! I will definitely let you know how the 5K goes. I just hope it won't be raining that day!

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