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Elections in Zimbabwe - Time for a change

On Saturday, March 29, the people of Zimbabwe will head to their polling stations for the presidential election. An inflation of over 100,000% (although the government has stopped counting) is but one sign that it is time for Robert Mugabe's oppressive government to step down. (Another one: That life expectancy has dropped from more than 60 years to just over 30 years in only 15 years.) Unfortunately, nobody is predicting a fair and free election; instead the discussion centers on exactly what kind of fraud Mugabe will undertake. It has already been discovered that a few million extra ballots have been printed, ready to be stuffed. Also, no election observers are allowed into the country, and the opposition is already bracing itself for the violence they fear will come.

The New York Times has an editorial today where they hope that the elections can bring about change. The Economist also has good Zimbabwe coverage for those who are interested. There are many Zimbabwe blogs, here is one that I read regularly: Zokwanele. If I could vote, I would cast my vote for Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the opposition who was brutally attacked and abused by the police a year ago:

To my friends in Zimbabwe: You are in my thoughts. Here's to a better future! (I have never been to Zimbabwe but I hope to go visit my friends one day, hopefully when partaking in tourism doesn't mean supporting the regime - i.e. after Mugabe is gone.)

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Have you been to Zimbabwe? Thanks for this great post. I think it is important we are more aware of what is going on in other parts of the world. This is the first I have heard about the elections. It is so sad how corrupt governments can be. I will never understand how people can be so inhumane, greedy, and power hungry.


I'd vote for Tsvangirai too. I remember hearing about the beating last year. What an horrific crime, especially so since the criminals were the police.

I will add the people of Zimbabwe to my prayers, and will be watching the news this weekend.


It really is unbelieveable how Zimbabwe has changed in only a few decades -- from a prosperious nation at the time of its independence to one that is in utter shambles. Yet I was reading quotes recently from Zimbabweans who still have faith in the electoral process and believe -- against all odds -- that they will prevail. I wish I had that kind of faith; it seems impossible to imagine a free and fair election will even happen under Mugabe. Yet, what else can people do but hope and pray and work for justice?

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