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Paraíso Paraty - The Beaches


I have been slow to finish my posts about Brazil, I apologize... Today I want to write about the beautiful beaches and coast line around Paraty. As I said in my post about the town, Paraty is on the Costa Verde south of Rio de Janeiro. The rainforest comes almost all the way down to the water, which is why the area is called the Green Coast. The coast line is dotted with islands and the water is gorgeous. Naturally, most tourists to the area will spend time on the water! We of course did, too.

On Tuesday, we bought tickets to a day trip on a larger vessel, we were about 25 people on a schooner named Principe do Mar (Prince of the Sea.) These trips are big business in Paraty, with lots of boats leaving every morning from the dock, each one taking their passangers to the most popular spots and islands. We had a great day of snorkeling, visiting four different spots and enjoying a nice lunch of fresh fish.


The highlight of our stay in Paraty, however, was Thursday, when my boyfriend and I rented a small boat. The captain took us to some beautiful spots we hadn't visited, and we were thrilled to be back in the water, snorkeling and swimming and having a grand old time. All the islands are gorgeous and the water is clear and dark green. For lunch, he took us to a tiny restaurant on an island, where we had the freshest grilled fish with shrimp sauce and rice and beans (a Brazilian staple.) We were also very excited to run into our fun Brazilian friends there! (In a restaurant where there were only two other guests!)

I would have loved to take more trips on the smaller boats to visit more islands and if I do go back, that will definitely be the first thing I'll do. Beaches and boats are definitely two of my favorite things!


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Wow, that looks fantastic!
The rain forest growing all the way down to the beach must be stunning -- it looks so lush.

I love reading about Brazil! The beaches look wonderful there. I also love boats and beaches!

What a gorgeous place. I love the green water and the rainforest together - I've never seen a beach like that.


Hi, E.

I am so impressed with your love for travel and experiences. You seem to have the capacity to live life at its fullest.

Thanks everyone! I just wish I had taken more pictures. Plus we had some rain and overcast weather which doesn't make for the best photos.

Annie, it really looked so amazing in real life too!

Jane, thanks for your kind words - and I believe you have that capacity as well!

It looks beautiful. I LOVE snorkeling! What did you see in those lovely waters?

Palma, we saw quite a lot of fish, starfish, and other things but I don't know any names! It wasn't as clear as for instance Thailand, I was told, but still beautiful. Also it was partly overcast, which made it harder to see. When the sun was out it was awesome!

María I.:

Beautiful pictures of the Costa Verde! I was born and raised in a tropical island and greatly miss the coast and the tropical forest.

This post reminded me of the first line of a popular song in Spanish:

En el mar la vida es mas sabrosa ...


I love that you ran into friends at the remote restaurant!

On an unrelated note, I've a little something for you in this post:

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