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Washington, DC: The prettiest block in town

I think a lot of visitors don't visit the residential areas of the city. The museums and the monuments are mostly at the National Mall and downtown. Of the more residential areas that get visited are Dupont Circle and Georgetown, but mainly for the restaurants and the shopping, not to wander the streets and look at houses.

Pretty details and pretty flowers:

Personally, I think the townhouses in DC are one of the best things about the city, and it saddens me that there could be even more of them left, but many were mowed down in the 1950s to make room for larger buildings. Then again, I guess there had to be more space for offices - a three story townhouse couldn't really hold that many offices! In any case, Washington, DC was spared a lot of the demolition that destroyed many American cities, leaving them with large office buildings and no night life. DC offers many great neighborhoods and lots of pretty houses.


One of the prettiest blocks in the city is the 1400 block of Q Street NW (DC is on a grid so it is easy to find - it is the block of Q Street that runs between 14th and 15th Street NW.) The houses are quite varied and some are set a lot further back than most townhouses, with beautiful gardens in the front. I am a city girl but one of the best things with DC is the many beautiful gardens brightening up the streets. If you ever visit, make sure to check it out! Take the metro to Dupont Circle, exit to Q Street and walk the five blocks to see this charming street.


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Lovely photos. I love walking around residential neighbourhoods (well ones with character, anyway). Halifax (the city near me) has some beautiful homes in the south end...I must follow your example and take some photos for my blog someday.

Very nice. I love those old townhouses and like you, wish there were more of them.

And your new header photo looks great - way to go!

Thanks guys! Anne, I would love to see photos from Halifax.

Annie, thanks for noticing the header! I have been wanting to change it for a long time so I am glad I got around to.


Eirin, I'm really glad you're doing this series! So much of DC is overlooked, and there's still a lot of beauty to be found. Keep it up! If you can get Palma out here, that's significant!!

Gosh your photos are gorgeous! I love coming in to look. :)

Hey - I just published my 4th book last night - a 120 page one to follow up the last 80 page one. I am having such fun doing this!

This post reminds me of the book, An Italian in America/Un Italiano in America. Beautiful photos!!

Those are beautiful townhomes with lovely architectural details. I'm enjoying so much reading your entries about the national capital.
Great photos!

Thanks everyone! Girasoli, I like that book! It is very funny. I will do a post on Georgetown soon, where Beppe Severigni lived. Lots of Europeans live there. Vicky, I agree, the city has so much to offer but people often don't know about it. Maria, I love the details too! I want to do a post on just details one of these days.


Wonderful architecture and really lovely photos, Chiocciola. I've only seen the very centre of Washington, around the IMF-World Bank and White House, and not the more lovely neighborhoods. I'll have to do a proper visit sometime.

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