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Back from Suriname

Thanks for all the nice comments! Isn't it fun to learn about a country most people haven't heard of? I feel very privileged that I had the opportunity to go - and I love all the stamps in my passport! I will say, however, if they are going to attract more tourism, they need more flights! You can go to Amsterdam every day, I think, with either Suriname Airways or KLM, but to go to North America (and in that I am including Central America and the Caribbean) you have to fly through Port of Spain, Trinidad, and there are only 4 flights a week, each way. Then again, I guess a country of 450,000 people can't sustain it. They do have a lot to offer in the eco-tourism, biodiversity arena though.

I have a few more pictures but with working and the rain it was hard to take pictures. I'll post some later. (By the way, the ruins from the first photo is an old fort by the river. And the statue in the other picture is of an (East) Indian man and woman, symbolizing the first East Indians to arrive in Suriname.)

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This has been fascinating. I didn't realize it was so difficult to go to Suriname from the North America. It makes sense that it is easy to go to Amsterdam since it was previously a Dutch colony. We saw a lot of Surinamese influence in Holland when we lived there. Thanks for posting about Suriname.

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